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Appearing in "The Big M: Part 1 of 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • The Vault perimeter guard
  • A Bank Teller and Guard
  • Magneto (Mentioned) (Dead)


  • The Vault, Federal Supermax Prison, Colorado
  • On some railroad tracks
  • At a bank


  • The Tallus
  • Avalanche's Tranq gun


  • Mystique's car
  • A Locomotive
  • The Exiles' borrowed getaway Truck

Synopsis for "The Big M: Part 1 of 2"

Morphed into a guard, Mystique visits Destiny in The Vault, where she and The Big "M" are being held. They go over the plan one last time, mentioning knowing that the Exiles are on their way.

A couple of miles away, the Exiles teleport in, and Namora and Beak are sick instantly, since they're not used to traversing universes. As they're picking themselves up, a train bares down on them, and they have to move quickly to get out of the way. While it's passing them, Avalanche triggers a fissure underneath it, causing it to derail. Mystique blows it open, and exposes the team to a gas that renders Mimic and Sasquatch's senses of smell inert. In the confusion, Mystique takes Blink's place, and blames the gas for her inability to teleport.

The team asks what their mission is here, and as Blink, Mystique leads them to believe they must reunite the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, including members who are currently incarcerated. They move on to find Blob attempting to rob a bank, and Pyro being tortured in an A.I.M. lab. Each time Mimic meets a new member of the Brotherhood, they react in shock to seeing him. After they free Pyro, John explains that the leader of their group, the Big "M", is their realities' version of Mimic, not Magneto, and he's the last one who needs to be freed.

Solicit Synopsis

A 50th-issue spectacular! Celebrate the Exiles 50th-issue anniversary as the reality-trotting team goes head-to-head against no less than the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! There’s someone very familiar leading the Brotherhood, someone who very well could put an end to the Exiles once and for all!

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