Quote1.png The world can fear "The Big M" all they want.. but he should be afraid of me. Quote2.png
-- Mimic

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Synopsis for "The Big M" Part 2 of 2

The history behind the Brotherhood of Earth-5423 was revealed, showing that they were ready when the Exiles blinked into their world.

Mystique, as Blink, called into Avalanche to make sure the real Blink was still out of it, and their plan was still on to break The Big M out of the Raft. When Mimic cought her on the phone, she distracted him with sex, and he forgot about the call.

At Avalanche's apartment, the real Blink woke up, and was able to subdue him by blinking the sedative directly into his brain. She used his computer to access their internet, where she found out all about the Big M, and his reign of terror as the Brotherhood's leader.

Outside the Raft, Mystique (as Blink) called Avalanche to make sure he was coming, but got no response since he had been sedated. The Exiles begin to notice her weird behavior.

The real Blink blinked directly into Cell Block Omega, hell-bent on talking it out with The Big M herself. The Exiles attacked the prison, knocking out main power, and enabling The Big M to mimic Blink's power, and escape. On his way out, he forcibly reads her mind and became enraged that she loved the 'goody-goody' version of himself so much. He explodes into the fight scene where the rest of the Exiles and Brotherhood are engaged, fiercely angry with the alternate version of himself. He actually believed the good version of himself just had better luck than he did, and began forcibly reading his mind to find out how their lives were different. Only to find that there was only one difference between their backgrounds. While The Big M had laughed in Xavier's face at the chance to become an X-Man, Mimic had accepted Xavier's offer. Shocked at what he had found, Mimic force-feeds the rest of his history to his alternate, including all of the hard choices he had to make as an Exile, saving billions of lives and slaughtering alternates of those he cared most about on his own world.

Flash-forward and The Big M was explaining this whole story to a new class of X-Men. Just hearing about what could have been with his life caused him to start over with his life, and reform the Brotherhood into Xavier's dream of a team of mutants out to show the world that Mutants and humans can co-exist peacefully.

Solicit Synopsis

A 50th-issue spectacular! Celebrate the Exiles 50th-issue anniversary as the reality-trotting team goes head-to-head against no less than the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! There’s someone very familiar leading the Brotherhood, someone who very well could put an end to the Exiles once and for all!

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