Quote1.png It's time we faced facts, people--our own planet is trying to kill us! Quote2.png
-- Captain America (Earth-4162)

Appearing in "Living Planet: Part 1 of 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • His Assistant
  • Nuclear Plant Workers
  • Mole Man (Mentioned)


  • Avenger's Headquarters
  • Pleasant Hills Nuclear Reactor



  • A Fantasti-Car
  • Doom's Metakirlian Imploder

Synopsis for "Living Planet: Part 1 of 2"

In Avengers Mansion, Cap runs down the planetary situation with the rest of his team. The Fantastic Four have disappeared, and thanks to Ego, the Living Planet, the very Earth is becoming self-aware and producing Anti-bodies that are destroying environmentally harmful facilities around the planet, killing people as they do! He feels they have no choice but to ally themselves with the smartest person on the planet next to Mr Fantastic, Doctor Doom!

Meanwhile, at the Pleasant Hills Nuclear Reactor, the Earth's Anti-bodies are destroying the place and terrorizing the workers when the Exiles arrive. Morph remarks that at least they didn't have to look for the fight, and they join in the foray, eventually having no choice but to blink the Anti-bodies into space, where they can no longer cause problems.

Mr Brasington, Plant Manager, thanks the Exiles for saving his facility, and brings them up to speed on the planetary problem. It seems that the FF went into the Earth to try and stop the production of the Anti-bodies, and haven't been seen since, and the Avengers and Doctor Doom are planning on sending a drill to the center of the Earth to lobotomize the budding consciousness.

In New York City, the Avengers stand with Doom to begin their quest, pleading with him to find another way. The Exiles blink in, and side with the Avengers, explaining that their mission is to stop Doom from killing the planet. As they argue about the truthfulness of the Exiles' story, (and begin to fight), Blink blinks Doom's drill into space and Anti-bodies show up and join in. As Blink is about to escape the scene with her team, she notices the Anti-bodies not actually hurting her team, but taking them down into the tunnels while motioning that she should follow them.

The end up at the Earth's core, where it's brain is developing, and right at the edge is the Fantasti-car with Sue and Johnny!

It would seem that the Four converted the car into a device where Reed could connect his brain to the Earth's, and guide it into full consciousness. He had been trying to convince the Earth not to exterminate the human infestation ever since, but has run out of time. Ego the Living Planet is coming back!

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles must stop the Avengers and Doctor Doom before they destroy the Earth! And did someone say Ego, The Living Planet? You bet they did!

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