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Quote1.png It seems like a dream now, but I remember them carrying me down... and talking to me. Not out loud, but in my head... they wanted to warn me. Warn all of us... "Beware the Timebreaker. He is not what he seems." Quote2.png

Appearing in "Living Planet: Part 2 of 2"

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  • Doom's Metakirlian Imploder
  • The Fantasti-car

Synopsis for "Living Planet: Part 2 of 2"

Two Thousand Orbits after a race called the Trinarians attempted to colonize Ego, and in retribution, he hurled their homeworld into a black hole. The Celestials happened to be performing an Eons-long experiment on the Trinitarians, and were furious when Ego destroyed it. They decreed that Ego must die, and hunted him down ever since.

He was able to escape them for a little bit and move to Earth where he secretly implanted a Seed of Awareness while pretending to fight off the super beings who defended the planet. Then he hid behind Jupiter and waited for his new ally to become a Living Planet like himself, so that he would have more power on his side against the Celestials.

Reed heard the entire story behind Ego's schemes while being connected to the Earth's brain and relayed it to the rest of the FF and the Exiles. They begin to think of a way to stop Ego and ward off the Celestials.

On the surface, the Avengers are losing the battle against the Anti-bodies as Ego arrives and causes an earthquake to wake the Earth from its slumber. Connected to the planet, Reed fights to coerce it against Ego's will. It becomes confused and sends Anti-bodies to remove the beings from its own brain.

As the Avengers fall, Doom retreats, and finds that his drill was teleported into space, where he can still control it. He orders it to come to him just as the Celestials (Jemiah and Gammenon) arive to deliver Ego's punishment. Ego lashes out at the Celestials before they have a chance to make the first strike, and the Earth struggles to understand why they're fighting.

As the Anti-bodies struggle to remove the people in the Earth's brain, Reed struggles to convince the Earth not to kill the humans who reside on it. Beak steps in and helps Reed remember to stop thinking and start feeling in order to help the Earth feel bad about killing humans. He puts it in the perspective that the humans are Earth's children, and the Earth's children are about to die!

The Earth gets the message and turns on Ego, stopping his Anti-bodies at the same time, pitting Ego against both the Earth and The Celestials.

Doom busts into the Earth's core with his drill, fully intending on continuing his plan to blow up the Earth's brain. Just as the drill makes contact with the brain, Blink blinks both herself and the drill into orbit above the planet, and uses the last of her strength and air to blink the drill again into the Ego's brain, effectively killing him. The Celestials notice her sacrifice, and carry her safely back down to the planet.

Three days later, she wakes up from her unconsciousness in the Baxter Building and explains what she did and how she did it. She also remembers a brief warning from the Celestials just before they blink on to the next reality: "Beware the Timebreaker. He is not what he seems."

Solicit Synopsis

Ego the Living Planet – a father?! It’s up to the Exiles, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four to keep the Earth from becoming Ego Junior!

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