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Appearing in "Rube Goldberg"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Police Officers
  • Stark Labs
  • New York City Residents



  • Tallus
  • A Cheese Danish
  • A Handgun
  • Weather-controlling Nano-spores


  • A Police Cruiser
  • A Shi'ar Destroyer

Synopsis for "Rube Goldberg"

The Exiles begin to question their orders, since their current mission is to purchase and consume a cheese danish. After a couple of discussions, they do it anyway, and doing so sets off a chain of events.

The man who wanted the danish, Rube Goldberg, goes berserk, shooting a police officer. Daredevil, who was attending to a mad scientist, hears the shot and leaves the scientist. The scientist releases his Weather-controlling nanospores, intending to blot out the sun over Manhattan. Thor tries to stop him, spreading the problem to the entire globe. Deathbird watches the Earth blacken, and decides not to invade.

Solicit Synopsis

A seemingly trivial, low-key mission spirals into a cataclysmic, universe-shattering disaster...all because of a Danish?! The Exiles’ most hilarious adventure yet!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: A doughnut head, wings coming out of his head, Uncle Sam, a white butterfly, a question-mark head.

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