Quote1.png Kulan Gath rounded up anyone in town who had special powers, and used his magic to bring out the worst in them. I've seen Avengers, X-Men, New Mutants and Morlocks on the Vizer's guard doing things more awful than you could imagine... Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Bump in the Night: Part 1 of 3"

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  • The Public House (Tavern)
  • Zarathos' Palace
  • The Sewers



  • Boats in the harbor, and horse-drawn carriages

Synopsis for "Bump in the Night: Part 1 of 3"

Kyra, a citizen of New York City, debated with her mom about the value of leaving her house after curfew to look for her son Brian. Apparently the monsters on the Night Watch took him, and Kyra is hell-bent on getting him back.

Nearby, two guards argue about how they liked it better when Callisto was captain of the guard, and as they pass Kyra without noticing her, they're viciously eaten by the Wendigo.

Guards are eaten

Kyra flees in terror, running to the nearby Public House to beg for entrance. She's met in the street by Lord Morbius, and since she is unable to enter the Tavern, he feasts on her blood.

Kyra (Earth-37072) from Exiles Vol 1 55 001.jpg
Lord Morbius--! P-Please...I have a son...
Conversation Tail.png
Michael Morbius (Earth-37072) from Exiles Vol 1 56 001.jpg
Lord Morbius
I'm sure you did...but if the Master claimed him, you know as well as I do he is gone. You should be home spawning your next brat, not out here slaking my thirst!
Conversation Tail.png

Inside the Tavern, the Exiles discuss their lack of employment, and speak in a manner that would suggest they no longer remember they are Exiles. Heather Hudson is showing signs of sever sickness, and can hardly move on her own, while a familiar-looking young man in red and blue listens in on their conversation from a few tables over.

Later that night, Mimic awakens to the smell of an assassin in their room, and hops out of bed bearing claws to defend himself and Blink. Spider-Man reveals himself on the ceiling, and explains he's there to get their help, not kill them.

Moments later, Spidey is convincing the team that they're not locals, since they can't remember further back than two weeks, and he begins to explain the backstory to his world.

It would seem Kulan Gath summoned a Master Spell which turned everything and everyone in the greater New York City area into medieval versions of themselves, except of course for Spider-Man, who Gath wanted to torture with the knowledge of what is true. After the spell had been in effect for some time, Gath began drawing supernatural beings to the area, forcibly bringing out the worst in each and every one of them in order to convert them to his guards and soldiers. When Gath let loose the darkness within Johnny Blaze, he made the worst mistake he'd ever made. Inside Blaze laid a dormant Demon by the name of Zarathos, commonly known as the Ghost Rider, who, once freed, snatched Gath's powerful Amulet from around his neck and took over as ruler of the realm.

Spider-Man explains that he is there to recruit the Exiles to help him put Gath back on his throne.

Back in what used to be Gath's palace, the Wendigo and Lord Morbius are back from their rounds, and briefly fight with Captain Russell, Werewolf by Night, over how hard they're working before Zarathos stops them all and explains that since Wendigo ate Xavier and Caliban, they have to find the Exiles the hard way, and fighting amongst each other will not help their cause. Further, if they continue to fight, he'll kill them all with his Penance Stare.

In the sewers, Spidey continues the history lesson about his world, explaining that most of the guard were Morlocks previously, until Callisto rebelled, and they were burned alive down there. As he leaps out of the way, Magik swings her Soulsword through Blink, and they all begin to fight. Blink reappears as her normal self and stops the fight, explaining how Magik's sword destroyed the spell she was under without hurting her. None other than Kulan Gath appears from around the corner, explaining that everything Blink and Spider-Man are saying is true, and that Zarathos must be overthrown.

Quote1.png Indeed, for the one who now occupies that seat would bring to this world cruelties even I have never dreamed of! Quote2.png
--Kulan Gath

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles enter into a world of swords and sorcery that any true X-fan will enjoy! Guest-starring the villainy of Kulan Gath! With 3 issues of "Exiles" coming out this month, this is the PERFECT time to get in on the action!

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