Quote1 Pity thou lacketh a "Spider-Sense"... though it hardly protected the Man-Spider from my magicks, in the end... Quote2
-- Kulan Gath

Appearing in "Bump in the Night: Part 2 of 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Zarathos' Day Guards

Other Characters:

  • The "Public House" Innkeeper (Death)

Races and Species:


  • The Sewers
  • "Public House" (A Tavern and Inn)
  • Zarathos' Palace



Synopsis for "Bump in the Night: Part 2 of 3"

As Kulan Gath and Blink watch, Magik takes her Soulsword to the rest of the Exiles, converting them to their proper selves. Everyone is relieved to be in their old clothes, and Morph reveals that he never wears clothes, he's always morphing his skin.

Heather is still sick, and though Gath recommends she just transform to fix her ailments, she continues to hold off.

Gath shows the Exiles that all he needs to get back into the seat of power is the Talisman Zarathos now wears around his neck. Apparently Zarathos has tried everything he could to expand the Master Spell world-wide, including sacrificing every child in the realm. Beak is shocked that they slaughtered kids, and Gath explains that's how the spell was cast to begin with.

At the Public House, the Innkeeper shows Captain Russell the Exiles' room, where Spider-Man's webs are still hanging. The Captain is pleased, and releases Selene in the room. She jokingly threatens to rend him limb from limb if he does not tell her why he's called on her, and he explains the situation about needing to find the Exiles and Kulan Gath. After letting her suck the soul out of the Innkeeper, they kiss, and she exclaims that he does love her.

Outside of the palace, Spider-Man and the Exiles go over the plan, they will strike during the daytime since the most powerful evil beings there are at their best at night, and sleep during the day. The Day Guards still have some heavy hitters, including Captain America, Thor, The Scarlet Witch, and Sister Voodoo. Half the team attacks the day guards while the other half sneak in to hit Zarathos directly. As the Exiles on the outside are losing, Selene appears and steps in, smothering all of the day guards in the ground.

As soon as Captain Russell heard of the attack, he went to Zarathos, hoping to take the talisman from him in his sleep. Of course, Zarathos wakes up and burns Russell to a crisp just after he proves he could turn into the Werewolf by Night during the day.

Blink blinks the Talisman off of Zarathos' neck, and Spider-Man immediately attacks her. It would seem that Gath had murdered Spider-Man and taken his place, all in order to regain the talisman against the Exiles' will. He seals the wall between Blink and the rest of her team, who are trapped in a room with Lord Morbius and The Wendigo!

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles' foray into a world of swords and sorcery continues! Guest-starring the villainy of Kulan Gath! With 3 issues of "Exiles" coming out this month, this is the PERFECT time to get in on the action!


  • The cover portrays a woman with facial tattoos that would suggest she is supposed to be Rachel Summers, but no such character appears in the series.
  • The cover also portrays Spider-Man in Mid-evil garb, weilding a sword. However, in the story, Spider-Man never used a sword or was dressed in that manner.

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