Quote1 I shall remain with your group until I find a way back to my own reality. Naturally, I shall be in command, but I may let you live if you serve me well. Quote2
-- Tanaraq

Appearing in "Bump in the Night: Conclusion"

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  • The Arctic Circle



  • A Snow Machine (Flashback)

Synopsis for "Bump in the Night: Conclusion"

Thirteen years ago, on Heather Hudson's native world, she and her friend and partner Wendy are setting up their experiment to collect natural Gamma Rays from under the hole in the ozone layer in the Arctic Circle.

The Great Beasts of her world watched on and sabotaged their experiment, causing the facility to explode. Tanaraq suggested a bargain with Heather as she lay dying that he heal her and give her his abilities as long as he can one day claim her flesh as his own.

Back on Kulan Gath's mid-evil earth, The Wendigo prepares to attack Heather and Beak. Magik takes a swipe with her Soulsword, and changes The Wendigo back into Paul Cartier, removing the curse from him altogether.

Blink wakes to Gath watching as Zarathos and Captain Russell duke it out. The Captain lands a great blow, shattering Zarathos' jaw, but it fuels Zarathos' rage, and he burns Russel to a crisp. Zarathos turns his attention to Gath, who now has the Talisman that puts him in the seat of power, and Blink makes one desperate attempt to get the Talisman back, elbowing Gath in the nethers. Gath laughs it off as he's no longer vulnerable to attack now that he has the talisman, and Blink knows she's in trouble.

In the interim, Beak somehow manages to take a swing at Moribus with his bat. Though he's able to draw blood, Morbius is generally unfettered as he draws closer to eating the Exiles and Magik. Realizing that he no longer needs the De-Wendigo'd Paul, he throws Paul onto Magik's sword, much to her surprise. As she is caught off guard, he feasts on her neck, forcing Heather to finally surrender to her inner demon, Tanaraq!

Tanaraq immediately uses Morbius' body to punch through walls and get to Zarathos and Gath. There, he pops Morbius like a pimple and stomps Zarathos into splinters. Blink gets herself and Beak back to the rest of the Exiles, leaving Gath to square off with Tanaraq.

In the throne room, the other Exiles are arguing with Selene about putting her into the seat of power when Blink and Beak appear. It's not long before Tanaraq uses Gath's body to smash his way up through the floor. Gath is desperately trying everything he can to kill Tanaraq, but since Tanaraq is "deathless as a fable", nothing he tries works. Tanaraq easily removes the Talisman from Gath's neck, and asks Blink what their mission was here again.

Tanaraq (Earth-3470) from Exiles Vol 1 57 001
Tell me again, Blink, what exactly did the tallus state our mission was in this world?
Conversation Tail
Clarice Ferguson (Earth-295) from Exiles Vol 1 70 0001
...The Tallus said... "Place Kulan Gath back on his throne."
Conversation Tail
Tanaraq (Earth-3470) from Exiles Vol 1 57 001
Yes...yes, of course...
Conversation Tail

Tanaraq flings Gath's body at the throne, killing him on impact. With no further need for the talisman, he throws it to Selene, saying he no longer cares what happens to this reality. Selene chants some magic, and the Master Spell is broken, transforming all of what was previously mid-evil back into the 21st century.

Quote1 Because I like the twenty-first century! The loose morals, the nightlife, the endless food-supply of beautiful people... I already lived the dark ages and, believe me, it was boring. And now I believe you have other worlds to go save...? I would invite you back to visit, but somehow I doubt you're going to survive your new partner. Ta-ta! Quote2

Solicit Synopsis

Witness the deadly conclusion as Kulan Gath exacts his final revenge. With 3 issues of "Exiles" coming out this month, this is the PERFECT time to get in on the action!

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