Quote1.png You're right... I can't feel the sasquatch power anymore... Quote2.png
-- Heather Hudson

Appearing in "Taking on Tanaraq"

Featured Characters:

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  • Vancouver Island
  • An Experimental Fuel-cell factory
  • Alpha Base
  • The New Mexico Desert
  • Latveria
  • The Mad Thinker's base
  • The Mandarin's Palace
  • The Master's Throneroom



  • Kang's Timeship

Synopsis for "Taking on Tanaraq"

Tanaraq, in control of Heather Hudson's body due to the magic in the last reality they visited, took control of the Exiles' fate by completing their latest mission in a hurry in order to have as much time as possible before the next blink.

The mission was to stop an experimental fuel-cell factory from accidentally igniting the Earth's atmosphere, and while a conversation might have sufficed, Tanaraq thought it simpler to massacre the workers and scientists before anyone could react.

With their remaining 21 hours, Tanaraq forced the rest of the Exiles to seek out the villains of this reality, hoping to intrigue them into helping to figure out where the Timebroker comes from, all for the purpose of getting back to his home reality.

After putting up a small bit of a fight, the Exiles complied, bringing a slew of villains back with them, including Doctor Doom, The Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android, The Mandarin, and The Master. While they all work to figure out the source of the Tallus, the Exiles work to try to get rid of Tanaraq. They send Beak to Shaman of Alpha Flight, figuring he'll know best how to deal with the Great Beast. To Beak's surprise, he's expected, and Shaman is ready to leave with him.

After some bickering, a fight breaks out between the villains, and some of them are incinerated before Kang the Conqueror arrives. Doom and Tanaraq don't believe Kang is Kang, and are right, but Tanaraq makes the mistake of shoving Doom out of the way, and a fight breaks out. After Doom is down for the count, Tanaraq turns to face Kang, who turns out to be Shaman, and they begin to duke it out magically. Beak tells the Exiles that they have to help Shaman push Tanaraq into the mystic circle that was erected, and in doing so, they release Heather from Tanaraq's grip, and force him back into the Realm of the Great Beasts of this reality. There, the Tanaraq of this reality calls the alternate reality version a fake, and welcomes him to his doom.

The Exiles are incredibly grateful to have Heather back, even with the loss of her Sasquatch powers, and continue on their way.

Solicit Synopsis

The Story: Sasquatch’s body has been possessed by the evil Tanaraq, whose only goal is to return to his own reality and claim that world for his own. Can Blink and her teammates find a way to rescue Sasquatch from the Beast who took her place, or is it already too late? Stand-alone issue!

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