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Quote1.png If you rolled Professor X, Magneto and the Phoenix Force into one, you'd begin to approach what this kid was capable of. Quote2.png
Blink (talking about David Richards)

Appearing in "A Tooth for a Tooth"

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  • The Tallus (Main story and flashback)


Synopsis for "A Tooth for a Tooth"

The Exiles return to Earth-2600, just in time to save Sabretooth from being caught by the lynch mob of Mutant Kids that now rule the planet. After they scare them off, Mimic probes Blink for just what had happened on that Earth the last time Blink was there. She consults the Tallus, gets upset and blinks off before telling them anything.

Reluctantly, Sabretooth joins Mimic searching for Blink, and Mimic spends the time attempting to get the story out of Sabes, but gets nothing. Mimic eventually finds Blink on his own first, and she explains what had happened.

Sabretooth did everything he could to raise David Richards over the past 20 years, and they made great strides against the threat of the Sentinels running all over the world. On the eve of the final purge of sentinel tech, Blink was transported back to this reality, where she helped the Mutant rebels achieve their goal. Once the purge was over, David went a little power-mad, and hijacked Blink's body and abilities, transporting them both further than she'd ever pushed her abilities before, and in a blind jump, none the less. Once in the Strategic Sentinel Command, miles below West Virginia, David showed her a group of human scientists who he found out had been running the Sentinels all these years. Still hijacking her ability, David forced her to teleport them in half, into walls and equipment, and fuse them together with eachother. Things she never thought she could ever do in her worst nightmares. He continued to make her killing the last of the humans until Sabretooth finally caught up to them, ripping David's heart out.

Once they heard the story, all Mimic and Sabretooth wanted to do was get away from this hell-hole of a world, so they started probing Blink for the Tallus' instructions. She violently protested, blinking the Tallus away several times before it left her. As it appeared on Sabretooth, he asked what their mission was: "Kill Mimic."

The Timebroker appeared, repeating the mission, and Sabretooth flat out refuses.

Quote1.png Whatever. Refuse orders, and you get punished. Quote2.png
--The Timebroker

He blinks them on to another reality.


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: Elevator Operator, Tank body and Giant Fists, a super-stretched body, a Japanese Robot.

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