Quote1.png We stand on the brink of freedom. Now is not the time for cold feet. Quote2.png
-- Holocaust

Appearing in "Son of Apocalypse: Conclusion"

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  • U.S. Army Tank

Synopsis for "Son of Apocalypse: Conclusion"

Holocaust continues to persuade the Exiles to join him in overthrowing The Timebroker. Together, utilizing the notes left behind by the Dark Beast, they manage to get a scientist working with the M'Craan Crystal to help them harmonize the crystal with the Tallus, allowing them to reach the source of the Tallus' power by teleporting into the Crystal.

Quote1.png Blinking into solid objects is something I tend to avoid, for obvious reasons Quote2.png

They end up in a palace made out of pink crystal, and Sabretooth can't smell a human anywhere inside.

Solicit Synopsis

Welcome home, Blink and Sabretooth! The Exiles find themselves returned home to the Age of Apocalypse...with the unlikeliest new teammate -- Apocalypse’s homicidal son, Holocaust! Can the Exiles stop fighting amongst each other long enough to complete their new assignment—killing the X-Men?! This storyarc ties into this month’s special AGE OF APOCALYPSE limited series!


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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