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Quote1.png If this is where the Timebroker lives, he gets an "F" for decor. 'Course, what do you expect from a guy who dresses like Mister Belvedere? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Timebreakers: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Timebreakers: Part 1"

The Exiles arrive in the Crystal Palace for the first time, and Namora remembers briefly being brought there before being assigned to the team. After trading their different stories about how they were recruited on the team, they decide it doesn't matter, and begin to hunt down The Timebroker.

They find many rooms in the palace, including reality monitoring rooms currently viewing many realities at once, and the Desert they first visited while being recruited on the team. They also come upon the 'Trophy' Wall, where past members of Weapon X and the Exiles are being held in stasis. A giant hole in the wall makes them wonder if that's their spot waiting for them. When they find Beak and Heather Hudson in the wall, they start to break them free, but realize it might be a more complicated process than that, and decide to find the Timebroker first.


Sabretooth hears someone approaching and they hide, getting the jump on a 2 foot Beetle who speaks an alien language. After some language difficulties, they manage to get him to show them to the Control Room, where their leader would be. It is behind a locked door, and the Exiles stop the Beetle from opening it. Instead, Blink teleports them all to the other side, ready for action.

In the Control Room, they find a group of another type of bug, much like a grasshopper, running the equipment. Before they can escape, the Exiles grab them, and the bugs begin pleading for their lives. A door opens behind Blink as she tries to get some answers.

Mark Milton (Earth-4023) and Clarice Ferguson (Earth-295) from Exiles Vol 1 62 001.jpg

Hyperion, one of the Exiles' main villains appears, and most of the team is scared. Holocaust and Sabretooth, however, have no idea who he is, and remain unimpressed.

He joined the Weapon X team after you left it, Mister Creed. He's...He's absolutely evil... a-and he's... he's going to be impossible to beat.
Conversation Tail.png

And if Hes running the show around here, then...
Conversation Tail.png

...Then every planet Earth in every universe that ever existed better get used to calling me God.
Conversation Tail.png

Holocaust explodes with rage, attacking Hyperion with everything he has, furious that this little man sought to enslave the Son of Apocalypse. After being knocked around a bit, Hyperion turns the tables, explaining that he had hand-picked "Holly" to be on the team.

Quote1.png [[You're pure energy in a delicious candy shell! You're the kind of sunshine I soak up like a sponge! Face it, Holly-- I eat chumps like you for breakfast!|Hyperion]] Quote2.png

And with that, Hyperion cracks open Holocaust's armor, and 'sniffs' his body out like an energizing puff of air, killing him.

Solicit Synopsis

It all starts here! The story where all your questions will be answered! Why is the Timebroker so evil all of a sudden?! Who are the Timebreakers?! Who’s been pulling the strings all along?! And when the heck is Beak going to make himself useful?! You won’t want to miss this one, folks! This is the big one!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: The Timebroker, Sitting on the Toilet, An Olde-Time Explorer, The Timebroker again, an octopus-like alien, and a giant Chicken.


  • In this issue, Sabretooth describes the Timebroker as a man who brought beer to Weapon X to recruit them. Later in the New Exiles series, he would describe the Timebroker as appearing as a beautiful woman. There is no explanation for the discrepancy.

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