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Quote1.png You people have traveled like I have. You know what's at stake. You'll understand the Granedur of my accomplishments. So I'm offering one last chance to join me. Quote2.png

Appearing in ""Timebreakers" Part Two of Four"

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Synopsis for ""Timebreakers" Part Two of Four"

Still in shock that Hyperion could so easily defeat Holocaust, Blink evacuates the team out of the Control Room as quickly as possible. As some members start to protest, she reminds them that she's the team leader, and continues to frantically find the hiding place she had in mind when they first arrived.

Hyperion tears off through the palace looking for them, leaving holes in walls and doors behind him. The Sovereign Caste Bugs secretly give instructions to the Worker Caste to awaken the operative from the Stasis Gallery who can save the Multiverse from Hyperion.

Hyperion almost catches up to the Exiles, but Blink blinks them away again, causing him to smack straight into a view-screen. They come across The Ocean Beyond Space and Time and briefly think about dropping Namora there before heading to The Desert Beyond Space and Time, but she refuses to leave the team even though she'll be vulnerable in the Desert. As Blink notices Hyperion fly by the entrance to the Desert, she blinks her team away among the dunes, to hide and buy some time away from Hyperion before he kills them all.

Facing Hyperion herself, Blink is treated to a recount of Hyperion's past. He respects her because of five realities, she was the only person who ever managed to beat him.

Quote1.png I'd killed every so-called hero who ever stood up to me. Why expect a little girl with a pointy rock in her hand to fare any better? Quote2.png

Apparently, on Earth-4400, after the Exiles were on their merry way, the Bugs back in the Crystal Palace retrieved the time-displaced leftovers from that world in order to minimize the further risk of time-stream contamination. So all of the dead Exiles and Weapon Xers were gathered and placed in the Stasis Wall rather than being sent back to their own realities. The bugs didn't know Hyperion's physiology, that each cell in his body is like a little battery, soaking up any daylight it is exposed to, and regrowing parts that were missing. By the time the Bugs figured it out, it was too late, and he was able to blast his way out of the wall and take over the palace.

Quote1.png Uh-huh. Look... not that this isn't fascinating, but why are you telling me all of this? Quote2.png

Hyperion explains that back on his own Earth, the Humans who lived there didn't stop fighting him until the entire planet had been nuked and he was the only person alive left.

Quote1.png No one to rule. No one to kill. No fun at all. I don't want to be alone like that again. Quote2.png

The Worker Bug sent to revive the one person who can save the multiverse scans the Stasis wall for the person he's looking for, and ends up releasing Beak.

Quote1.png You are Beak! It falls to you to save multiverse! Quote2.png

Hyperion continues to recount his recent history, and the history of the Crystal Palace. It seems the bugs just happened to find the palace outside of space and time, and it serves as an ancient observatory that overlooks every other reality in the multiverse. As they started to map the realities for scientific posterity, they somehow did something that cracked all creation, and were forced to recruit people to fix their mistakes since they're genetically non-violent and couldn't do the violent work associated with fixing realities. They created the Timebroker as a friendly interface between them and the new teams, fearing bringing anyone to the actual palace would cause them to be on their own.

Hyperion comes to the point behind revealing all the history. He's become bored of ruling alone, and wants the Exiles to join him as he conquers every reality worth bothering with.

Namora appears, siding with Hyperion, as long as he leaves her home reality untouched. But Hyperion isn't fooled, he can see inside people, and he knows it's just Morph pretending to be Namora to get the drop on him. He blasts Morph with his Flash Vision, and the real Namora appears, smacking him in the face, and starting the brawl of the Century!

Solicit Synopsis

It all starts here! The story where all your questions will be answered! Why is the Timebroker so evil all of a sudden?! Who are the Timebreakers?! Who’s been pulling the strings all along?! And when the heck is Beak going to make himself useful?! You won’t want to miss this one, folks! This is the big one!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: A Geek with glasses and a moustache, an ostrich, and wearing a knight helmet.


  • In Exiles #62, the figure to Sunfire's right in the Stasis Gallery is Hulk (Jen Walters), in #63, the figure to her right has tan skin, not green. Furthermore, in Exiles #64, Sunfire's legs are shown to the left of The Vision. Apparently her body moves around within the Stasis Gallery.
  • As Hyperion recounts his death on Earth-4400, a tan-skinned, dead Namor is shown hanging from The Spider's webs in Times Square, however, in Exiles #44, Namor was shown to be green-skinned and working with the British team, The Invaders, who were specifically never called in to deal with the Hyperion threat. The discrepancy between the two Namors is never resolved.

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