Quote1.png I am not strong, I am not smart, I do not shoot death-rays. About the only thing I am good at... is making friends. Quote2.png
-- Beak

Appearing in "Timebreakers" Part Three of Four

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  • In the Stasis Gallery:


  • Two Unknown Universes (Flashback, Destroyed)
  • Earth-4162 (Flashback, On Viewscreen)
  • Earth-37072 (Flashback)
  • Earth-50358 (Flashback)
  • Earth-295 (Flashback)
  • Mephisto Reality (On Viewscreen)
  • Silver Surfer vs. Gladiator Reality (On Viewscreen)
  • Egyptian Hero Reality (On Viewscreen)



Synopsis for "Timebreakers" Part Three of Four

Beak is brought up to speed by one of the Worker Caste Bugs who freed him from the Stasis Wall.

The Bug explains how Hyperion was the most powerful being they ever put on a team, and doing so backfired on them. Once he was free from the Stasis Wall, Hyperion forced the bugs to destroy two realities, just to see if they could, and then he set his sites on revenge on the Exiles for having killed him. He sent them first to a Magic world where they'd forget who they were, because the odds of their survival were low. Then he allowed the great beast Tanaraq to lead the team, again in an effort to kill them. When that plan failed, he tried to turn the team against each other, ordering Blink to kill Mimic, but she refused. Then he became furious. He started speaking directly through the Timebroker interface himself, reprimanding the Exiles, and forcing them back to the Age of Apocalypse to punish them. During all of this, he began pulling Heather and Beak out of the team and replacing them with more disruptive members, Sabretooth and Holocaust, to further mess with them.

In the Desert Beyond Space and Time, the team continues to fight Hyperion with little luck. Sabretooth and Mimic's strength is useless, and he's able to grip Namora in a bear-hug. When Blink tries her trick of blinking his flash vision back on him again, he spins around in time for it to hit Namora instead. It would seem that he will not fall for the same trick twice. He shows the Exiles a new one he's picked up, spinning at rapid speeds, causing a one-man sandstorm that will flay the flesh from their bones. Namora manages to escape back into the palace, but not before the sand takes a chunk out of her fried back. Mimic uses Northstar's speed, (half of light-speed), and Colossus' steel armor to become a one-man wrecking ball, slamming into Hyperion's back and knocking him out.

Meanwhile, in the Palace, Beak continues to argue his uselessness to the worker bug.

Barnell Bohusk (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 1 117 0001.jpg
I cannot do anything!
Conversation Tail.png

You defeated the great beast Tanaraq
Conversation Tail.png

No. I did not! When that monster took over Sasquatch, the only thing I did was run for... help...
Conversation Tail.png

Finally understanding his purpose, Beak notices the view-screens with alternate universes on them, and figures out a plan.

Blink desperately tries to rouse Calvin, whose organic-steel body has been ripped in many places. Hyperion starts waking up, and she blinks them back into the palace. Hyperion is impressed with the lump Mimic left him, and Sabretooth attempts to distract him further, only to find out the bugs hadn't picked him for the Exiles at all!

Quote1.png [[They didn't pick you for the team, Sabretooth. I did. I wanted someone who'd distract Blink-- maker her a less effective leader. Someone who'd rush into a no-win situation without a second thought. Wait here in the litter box, Sabrepus! I'll be back in a minute...|Hyperion]] Quote2.png

Leaving Sabretooth in the Desert to search the Palace, Hyperion shortly finds Blink and Mimic in a nearby alcove. Blink attempts to blink him away, but he explains that he had the bugs analyze her power, and he found out he can vibrate fast enough so that she can't blink him anywhere.

I wasn't trying to 'port you away. I was trying to 'port you to pieces!
Conversation Tail.png

Wishful thinking, girl. You're just not in my class. Don't forget, I killed every last hero on my earth!
Conversation Tail.png

So did I!
Conversation Tail.png

Barnell Bohusk (Earth-616), Mark Milton (Earth-5764) and Mark Milton (Earth-712) from Exiles Vol 1 64 0001.jpg

Namora jumps out from the adjacent Ocean Beyond Space and Time, and snaps Hyperion's head backwards, pulling him back into the murky depths. Blink and Mimic look on, hoping that their plan succeeded. With his head backwards, and underwater, Hyperion reveals that he's not dead, spinning his own head back around and using his flash-vision on her and the surrounding water, boiling her alive.

As he returns to the palace to finish off Blink and Mimic, he openly regrets having to kill them since they've hurt him in ways he would never have thought possible. But before he can finish the job, Beak appears, with backup! Two Hyperions from alternate realities stand at his side!

Solicit Synopsis

Now that the menace behind the Exiles’ recent troubles has revealed himself in all his evil glory, it’s time for…Beak to save the day? Things could get messy.



  • In Exiles #62, the figure to Sunfire's right in the Stasis Gallery is Hulk (Jen Walters), in #63, the figure to her right has tan skin, not green. Furthermore, in Exiles #64, Sunfire's legs are shown to the left of The Vision. Apparently her body moves around within the Stasis Gallery.

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