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Quote1.png You know the thing about sand...? It gets in everywhere. Quote2.png
-- Blink

Appearing in "Timebreakers" Conclusion

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  • The Tallus
  • Various Crystal Palace Tech


Synopsis for "Timebreakers" Conclusion

The battle of Hyperion vs. Hyperions has begun, and it's rocking the Crystal Palace to the core. As the fight rages on, what's left of the Exiles scramble to figure out how to keep the palace intact.

The Hyperions break the wall between the room Blink Mimic and Beak are in and the Ocean Beyond Space and Time, flooding the room, and putting Beak face to face with Namora's horrific corpse. Blinking them all into the Control Room, the Soverign Bugs are panicking at the site of their beloved Panoptichron Observatory crumbling around them. Their instruments tell them that the Palace is on the verge of imploding, and Blink gets an idea. She waits until the Hyperions are distracted, and blinks them all into the Desert beyond Time and Space, where Sabretooth is desperately trying to revive Morph.

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Quote1.png King Hyperion Quote2.png

He laughs as she tries to teleport him again, citing the fact that all he has to do is hyper-vibrate and she can't blink him anywhere. She spins around and completes her teleport, grabbing an entire sand dune and 'porting it straight inside his body!

Before he can recover, the other two Hyperions continue to pound on him, and as Mimic, Beak, and the bugs watch from the Control Room, Mimic realizes they don't need to kill King Hyperion to stop him. He asks the bugs to activate the Timebroker so he can let Blink and the other two Hyperions in on his plan.

King Hyperion wakes up to a remarkably familiar landscape. The sky shows signs of a Nuclear Winter, and there's nothing but rubble around for miles and miles. When he sees the tattered poster of himself with the logo, "Never Surrender," he becomes certain of where he's been transported. Mimic figured out that Hyperion wasn't a threat until he was brought onto the Weapon X team, and that the best place to contain him would be on the Earth he was originally pulled from. So while he was unconscious, they sent him home, the last place he would ever want to go.

Quote1.png "King" Hyperion Quote2.png

As the fight is wrapped up, the two remaining Hyperions begin to doubt leaving the Crystal Palace in the hands of the Exiles. They ask their new, trusted friend, Beak if he will vogue for the team, and when he does, they return to their native realities. The Exiles assume Beak will stay on the team, now that he's proved his worthiness, but he surprises them.

Quote1.png Beak Quote2.png

He decides to go home as soon as Morph and Mimic get the medical attention they need.

Solicit Synopsis

Beak saves the day?! Get the heck out of here! But, no really, he does. Be here for the one time that Beak FINALLY makes himself useful. Oh, and did we mention there’s three times the Exiles’ deadliest enemy Hyperion? You WON’T want to miss this stunning finale.

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