Quote1 Yesss... Krakoa must feed...! Your...energies...are deliciousss... Quote2
-- Krakoa, the Living Island

Appearing in "Destroy All Monsters" Part I of III

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mentioned as existing on Heather Hudson's home Earth:
  • Wolverine
  • The Green Goblin
  • The Red Skull
  • Blackheart
  • Mister Sinister
  • Attending Sunfire's Funeral:


  • The Stasis Gallery
  • The Infirmary (First appearance)


  • The Tallus
  • Various Crystal Palace Tech
  • A Cortical Stimulator


  • The Science Squad's Pod

Synopsis for "Destroy All Monsters" Part I of III

The Exiles brought Heather Hudson out of stasis, to have her help them treat Mimic and Morph's wounds from the Hyperion battles. They had the Timebreakers set up an infirmary in the Crystal Palace, and brought her there to view the damage.

Mimic has had to stay in his Organic-steel form, since he flew top speed into Hyperion as a one man wrecking ball, and shredded most of his body. Morph was severely burned by Hyperion's flash vision, and had done nothing but give off body heat since. Heather got to work, instructing the Bugs to bring special instruments, and having Beak show her how to search the Multiverse for another Doctor's second opinion.

Stephen Strange (Earth-59661) from Exiles Vol 1 66 0001

In an operating room on Earth-59661, Doctor Stephen Strange closed the surgery he was performing on The Hulk when Heather and Beak arrived. After his analysis of Morph's condition, he finds that the burned tissue was preventing Morph from healing, and once they removed the carbonized tissue, he began to heal on his own, with a cortical stimulator to speed recovery. Through the process, he mentions that he once had a trip planned to Tibet, but canceled the vacation at the last minute.

Mimic's condition was much worse. Essentially, Mimic's insides were smashed to bits, "like an elephant stomping a bag of corn chips," Strange noted. It was a good thing Mimic stayed in organic steel form, because even with the healing abilities of Wolverine at his disposal, if he had shifted back to flesh and blood, he would have died faster than he could have healed. The Doctor figured that the healing ability was the trick. If they could find a way to boost it, he would recover, but they had to do it quickly, since Mimic couldn't hold the steel form for too much longer.

Mimic tried to take Sabretooth's healing abilities too, in the place of Beast's agility, but his body wouldn't let him.

Quote1 [[I can only keep five sets of mimiked powers at a time. I figured I'd swap The Beast s agility for your agility...and pick up your senses and healing factor at the same time... But whenever I try, nothing happens-- maybe you're too much like logan, and mybody feels like mimiking you would be redundant, or something.|Mimic]] Quote2

Beak wonders if Mimic's body would allow him to mimik Magneto's powers if he had Polaris'.

In order to buy him more time, Heather suggested putting him into the Stasis wall while they search for treatment, and no one liked that they had no other option. Once in stasis, the Doctors began scanning the BILLIONS of realities in the control room. Strange mentioned that he's never encountered a Mimic on his world.

After completing Morph's operation, removing 10% of his tissues, Doctor Strange checked in with Heather on the search for potential candidates. She had found three viable finalists, a Cosmic Cube powered Red Skull, who had instant healing abilities, a Demonic Mister Sinister, and a version of Curt Connors who had perfected his healing formula. Since the other two realities were far to dangerous to send the Exiles or Mimic, Connors' reality was chosen, and after a debate began to form over if they should involve themselves in the matters of that world, Morph appeared, straightening the team out, and making them all realize that they've been taking risks to save each other since the beginning, and they shouldn't stop before helping Mimic. He insisted on doing one last thing before visiting Doc Connors.

On Earth-8545, the Exiles and the Avengers of the Vi-Lock world attend Mariko's burial and funeral. Her gravestone reads, 'Mariko Yashida "Sunfire" 1980-2004'.[1] Mary Jane thanks Morph whole-heartedly for choosing to bury Sunfire on her world rather than her home world. They talked about how they both loved her, and Morph knew that Mary was the love of Mariko's life.

In Tokyo of Earth-3752, Sakata informed the Science Squad that the island they were flying to just emanated a power spike, and continues to change GPS coordinates. Pym mentioned that this wasn't the first time a Kaiju was mistaken for an island, Leviathan was the first[2]. They flew in for a closer look, and were ensnared by Krakoa, the island that walks like a man. Just as they were about to be eaten, their ship blinks out of the monster's hand, and the Exiles are aboard!

Solicit Synopsis

The bold new Exiles era charges forward! Old teammates are buried, and the search for a way to heal another brings the Exiles face to gruesome face with some of the fiercest monsters in Marvel Universe history! Guest-starring KRAKOA, the island that walks like a man!



  • In Exiles #64, when Beak is released from the Stasis Wall, the Crystal melts around him, leaving a block-shaped area behind. When Heather is released in this issue, it makes the same noise, but seems to shatter into slivers, creating a jagged, crystal shape behind.
  • Doctor Strange says that he's never encountered a version of Mimic on his home world.

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  1. Which is interesting, because she did die in a book that was published in 2004.
  2. Leviathan is probably referring to the monster Plantman created in Sub-Mariner #3 on Earth-616.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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