Quote1 When the chips are down, it's always Bolivar Trask's baby who saves the day... ...Red Ronin to the rescue! Quote2
-- Bolivar Trask

Appearing in "Destroy All Monsters" Part II of III

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • The Tallus
  • Various Crystal Palace Tech


  • The Science Squad's Pod
  • Red Ronin
  • A Bullet Train (Destruction)

Synopsis for "Destroy All Monsters" Part II of III

Blink and Sabretooth arrive in time to release the Science Squad from Krakoa's grasp, and despite his best efforts, they're able to escape back to the Science Squad compound in Japan.

Back at the Crystal Palace, Beak asks to be sent home to get out of the way of the bug repair crews, but they're unable to view Earth-616, and figure it's a short on their end, to be fixed soon enough. (It's actually the Scarlet Witch's House of M reality warp causing the problem).

While recouping their losses and getting the Exile's back-story, the Science Squad explains why Krakoa has arrived. On Earth-3752, the planet creates and dispatches large monsters (nicknamed Kaiju) to deal with global threats ranging from man-made disasters to other, more destructive Kaiju. Krakoa is an Antigen (good Kaiju) searching for its Pathogen (bad Kaiju), which has yet to arrive.

Nearby, in the Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, a family watches as the animals bathe in a natural hot-spring. The ground rumbles, the animals boil, and up rises the anticipated pathogen: Fin Fang Foom! (Killing the family in the process).

In the Stasis Gallery, Surgeon Strange prepares with a worker bug to perform a post-mortal workup on Kaine from the Weapon X team when they find that Deadpool (of the same team) is no longer dead. Upon further inspection, it turns out that Wade's healing factor is off the charts! The 'fix' for Mimic has been under their noses the whole time! They set out to get him out of stasis.

Using the Exiles as bait, the Science Squad, equipped with Trask's Red Ronin Ships draw Krakoa in the direction of Fin Fang Foom, who is happily destroying the Japanese countryside. To further prevent needless destruction, the Squad joins their ships together to form a giant, sword-wielding robotic Samurai Warrior!

Surgeon Strange converses with the newly restored Deadpool, (unaware that Deadpool was a "bad guy" or that a "bad guy" team even existed), who quickly finds that the man who betrayed him, Sabretooth, is currently on a mission elsewhere. Strange innocently inquires how Wade was even killed in the first place, and Deadpool is more than happy to show him, snapping Surgeon Strange's neck. The nearby worker bug begins to flee, and Wade squishes him, setting out to have his revenge on the Timebroker and his Exiles!

Solicit Synopsis

The bold new Exiles era charges forward! Old teammates are buried, and the search for a way to heal another brings the Exiles face to gruesome face with some of the fiercest monsters in Marvel Universe history! Guest-starring KRAKOA, the island that walks like a man!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: Ultraman, a schoolboy, a Crossing Guard, wearing a Graduation Cap and Gown, Rodney Dangerfield .
  • The creators' names were purposefully changed in this issue to different characters. Joe Quesada was King Kong, Jim Calafiore was Lord Zed, Dan Buckley was Mecha King Ghidora, Tony Bedard was Zordon, Mark McKenna was Gigan, JC was Baltan, Dave Sharpe was Hedora, Mike Marts was Godzilla, while Nick Lowe and Sean Ryan were the White and Pink Rangers, respectfully.

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