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Quote1.png Then, by the power vested in me by the state of Texas, Justice is served! Quote2.png
Hulk (Jen Walters)

Appearing in ""Destroy All Monsters" Conclusion"

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  • The Stasis Gallery
  • The Control Room


  • The Tallus
  • Curt Connors' Healing Serum


Synopsis for ""Destroy All Monsters" Conclusion"

Red Ronin's getting his tin-plated butt handed to him, and Sabretooth asks Heather to look into how Foom has been defeated in other realities. She's unable to find a single situation where he's been outright defeated, but continues to look into options which stopped his rampages.

Deadpool arrives in the Control Room, killing a bug on site before threatening Heather and Beak, who explain the real situation about the Timebroker. At the news of his arch-rival's non-existance, Wade changes plans, deciding to bring Heather to the Stasis Gallery to release his fellow Weapon-X'ers.

Fin Fang Foom continues to destroy the Red Ronin armor, pulling off an arm, and Blink has had enough. She blinks the Science Squad and Exiles out, and they watch as Foom shreds the remaining pieces.

Heather finds Strange dead in the Stasis Gallery, and explains that without him, the process will be much more difficult reviving Deadpool's friends. Wade doesn't believe her, since she fooled him in the past on David Richards' World. He notices that Mimic, (who Beak secretly ordered the bugs to revive) is thawed out and lying on the floor, and wonders who did it.

As Curt Connors complains about the loss of Red Ronin, Blink snaps, explaining that all he and his Squad have done since they arrived is put both teams' lives at risk, and that from now on he's going to shut up and stay out of her way. She blinks right onto Foom's nose, and convinces him that she's his "Fairy Sidekick", sent to present him with imminent challenges to his supremacy. She informs him of such a challenge, Krakoa, who is looming on the Horizion. He flies off to meet it.

Hulk (Jen Walters) is the first to be revived and is being brought up to speed when Mimic groans. He transforms back to flesh from his steel form and Deadpool's mimic'd healing factor takes over, rebuilding his body. Completely renewed and ready to rumble, Mimic threatens the Weapon-X'ers, and while Deadpool begins to fight, Hulk stops him. It seems that all she wants is to be sent home, and she promises to keep Wade from causing more trouble if the Exiles will send her back. Mimic agrees, and Hulk 'smashes' Deadpool into the ground. She cites it as capitol punishment for Doctor Strange's murder, along with all of the people he enjoyed murdering while on the Weapon X team.

The away-team gets back with Connors' serum, explaining that Krakoa ate Fin Fang Foom and promptly disappeared. They're met by a healed, albeit horrifically scarred Mimic who has received a terrible side effect from mimicing Wade's ability. They decide to be much more careful when interacting with alternate realities in the future, and that their next mission will be to start unneeded recruits home, starting with Beak.

Solicit Synopsis

Fin Fang DOOM?!? Tragedy once again befalls the Exiles! While most of the team is on a world of giant monsters, a deadly threat stalks the crystal corridors of their trans-temporal headquarters. All this, and Red Ronin, too?


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