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Quote1.png Magneto a good guy? Fine. Mutants, the majority? Check. But sentinels crashing in through the floor instead of the ceiling...? That is just wrong! Quote2.png
Morph (Kevin Sidney)

Appearing in "World Tour: House of M (Part II of III)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Tallus
  • Moira MacTaggert's Mutant Tracker
  • Curt Connors' Healing Serum


Synopsis for "World Tour: House of M (Part II of III)"

Distraught over the fact that his children don't exist and Angel doesn't remember him, Beak pouts while the Exiles try to figure out what to do next. While Sabretooth and Mimic go toe to toe, Beak notices Angel in the crowd and chases after her. She abducts him and flies off.

Before the Exiles can follow, a nearby human stops them and convinces them to meet with her in a less public place.

At her apartment, Angel, who is now possessed by Proteus, threatens Beak with death unless he spills all he knows about his friends. Beak doesn't understand or believe that Angel is possessed until he stumbles upon Blunderbuss's rotting carcass.

In the nearby shelter of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the human reveals herself to be Moira MacTaggert, the most wanted human on the planet for investigating a cure to the mutant gene. She explains that her son Kevin is Mutant X, the most wanted Mutant on the planet for serial killing. She knew to warn the Exiles about chasing after Angel when she noticed that the Tallus was radiating an energy very similar to her son.

Mid-origin story, Sentinels burst in, attempting to capture Moira, slaughtering innocent humans in the process. The Exiles successfully stop them, and Moira fires up her tracking device so they can all face her son together.

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles return to prime earth, only to find it not so prime anymore. So not only do the Exiles have House of M to deal with, they have to face the most powerful mutant on the planet—PROTEUS! And welcome aboard new artist, PAUL PELLETIER!


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