Quote1 ...I'm wonderin' why I should limit my fun to this aul' Earth when there's so much more out there tae see, an do, an' kill... Quote2
-- Mutant X (Kevin MacTaggert)

Appearing in "World Tour: House of M" (Conclusion)

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Supporting Characters:


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  • Tallus
  • Moira's Revolger
  • Curt Connors' Healing Serum


Synopsis for "World Tour: House of M" (Conclusion)

Heather looks up the Earth-616 back-story to Kevin MacTaggert and feeds it to Sabretooth, learning that his main vulnerability is metal.

Proteus accesses the Crystal Palace's databases, and gains information about a select amount of alternate realities before he's cut off.

Finding the Exiles' fears and exploiting them, Mimic falls hardest when he's confronted with his fear that Blink may not love him anymore now that his flesh looks like ground beef.

Moira shoots Kevin while he's in Angel's body, causing him to leave her before he's used her up completely due to the metal bullet lodged in her shoulder. He starts to try to inhabit her body next, but she shoots herself in the head, taking her body out of the picture. Blink attacks Kevin while he's bodiless, and he retaliates by trying to take her body, only to be stopped by Mimic with Colossus' metal form engaged.

Mimic is momentarily distracted just before killing Proteus, and as a result, Kevin is able to transform him back into flesh and take Calvin's body as his next host!

Sabretooth attacks to no avail, and he and Morph are hurt before Blink blinks them away. Rather than face them any longer, Proteus (in Mimic's body) warps himself into another reality, leaving the Exiles to recover.

Beak cradles Angel in his arms, as she is shot and on the virge of death. Rather than watch him lose the one he loves, Blink injects her with Curt Connors' Healing Serum that was meant to restore Mimic's skin.

Sensing another warp happening to Earth-616, Heather pulls the Exiles (with the exception of Beak) back to the Crystal Palace before the warp can affect them.

Solicit Synopsis

House of M Tie-in!

The World Tour kicks into high gear! The Exiles battle their toughest foe yet and an Exile might be lost forever. Hold on to your hats, folks, EXILES is back and better than ever! Part 3 (of 3)!

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