Quote1.png Are you beginning to understand? This will not turn out like you expect. Quote2.png
-- Justice (John Tensen)

Appearing in "World Tour: New Universe" (Part I of III)

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  • Civilian Cars and Buses in Pittsburgh

Synopsis for "World Tour: New Universe" (Part I of III)

As an Epilogue to the House of M World Tour, Beak is reunited with Angel outside of their home, and both are surprised to no longer be a mutant. The surprise doesn't last long, however, because they hear yelling from their children inside the house. They go running to see, and of the 6 kids, only little Tito has remained a mutant.

Heather watches this mixed, but happy reunion via monitor in the Control Room of the Crystal Palace.

On the streets of Philadelphia, Earth-15731, two punk thieves argue about which style of music is just a fad, hip-hop or big hair bands. Justice sees the evil in their hearts and kills them both.

A group of Paranormals have just escaped the Clinic in their underwear when Mutant X pops in next to them.

Using the Palace's scanning technology, the Exiles are able to pinpoint which reality Mutant X had warped to, and the away team blinks there as fast as they can to try to save Mimic.

The Paranormals and Mutant X are threatened by the Clinic's security team, so Mutant X runs, leaving the group to fend for themselves. Just after he leaves, and just before the Clinic begins shooting, the Exiles blink in, get the gist of what is happening, and blink all of the paranormals and the Exiles 10 miles away in the Wisconsin woods. After a very brief conversation, the Exiles learn where they are and where Mutant X was headed, and immediately set off to track him down.

Justice senses Mutant X, and follows him to the home of Ken Connell, where Mutant X is waiting for Ken, (wielder of the Star Brand), to come home.

Instead of going straight home, Ken goes to his friend Myron's house. The Exiles were waiting there for him, as they knew from the Crystal Palace tech that that is where he would be.

Mutant X rummages through Ken's things, getting a sense of the body he hopes to soon inhabit. Justice breaks in, and they begin to fight.

At Myron's house, Ken is tired of people trying to get to his power, and doesn't believe the Exiles' story about Mutant X coming to steal his body. They begin to fight too.

Solicit Synopsis

The World Tour continues! What’s old is new again as the Exiles travel to the New Universe to save a teammate that could be lost forever!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: A Sabertoothed Kitten, Fin Fang Foom's Head, Slug-eyes, an 80's hipster, and wearing sunglasses.


  • "Flixburg" The Movie Theatre in Pittsburgh was playing "Dirty Dancing", "Lethal Weapon", and "Robocop", with "Evil Dead 2" and "Raising Arizona" coming soon.

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