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Quote1.png Mister Connell, I'd like tae propose a wee trade... ... I'll unsnarl these pests from each other an' let yuir lady an'her kids run free if ye'll kindly surrender yuir body tae me. I promise it won't hurt. Quote2.png
Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert)

Appearing in ""World Tour: New Universe" (Conclusion)"

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  • A Greyhound Bus

Synopsis for ""World Tour: New Universe" (Conclusion)"

The group of Displaced Paranormals are on the run from The Clinic and have hijacked a greyhound bus. As the regular passengers begin to wake up, Lenore gives them another demonstration of her powers, rendering them unconscious. The bus suddenly leaps into the air, and four minutes and 500 miles later, the group finds out that Ken Connell had flown the bus from underneath.

In order to execute Heather's primary plan, the Exiles have need of Lenore's special ability, and they take the time to explain that to the group before they reluctantly let her go.

In the Crystal Palace, Heather is on the 'phone' with Mojo working out their deal.

Back in Pittsburgh, Proteus (in Justice's body) is patiently waiting for Ken to show up at his girlfriend, Barbara's house. He was all too happy to take Barb and her two kids hostage while he waited. Blink and Lenore approach the front door and knock, and Mutant X blows it away, looking for dead bodies in the rubble. Blink and Lenore pop in behind him, and Lenore goes to town on him.

Lenore Fenzl (Earth-15731) and Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-58163) from Exiles Vol 1 74 001.jpg

She gives him the full brunt of her ability, all of the shin she can bare, and is surprised when he withstands her for almost a minute before passing out on the ground. Barabara begins to ask who Blink is when Ken steps in and explains that they need to get out of there, and the Exiles need to borrow a bed.

In Barb's kids' room, they lay Mutant X on one bed while Keith meditates himself to sleep in the other. Keith's ability is to enter other people's dreams, and to some degree, control them, which is the Exile's primary plan for defeating Mutant X, from within his sleep.

Sabretooth checks with Heather on their backup plan in case the primary one doesn't work. She's confused by the man they traded for. It seems Longshot has had his mind wiped blank except for his combat programming and special ability.

In Mutant X's dreamworld, he imagines Muir Island as his own personal torture facility where he can dismember his mother at will, but Nightmask steps in and shows him the truth, pulling from Kevin's memories what the real facility looked like, and trying to get him to go to sleep before he figures out what's happening. Just when it seems to be working, Kevin figures it out, and attacks Keith in his dream, wondering if he kills someone there they die in real life.

The Exiles look on as Keith begins grasping at his chest in his sleep, and are shocked when Mutant X wakes up. Ken is across the street when he sees Barb's house begin to twist in ways unnatural to physics, and he knows what has happened. He breaks the sound barrier crossing the street, but Proteus reacts with the speed of thought, taking Ken's body apart bit by bit. Lenore tries to help, but becomes enveloped with the ground beneath her. Just as Proteus is getting ready to make the body-swap, Longshot pops in. He alters probabilities in his own favor, projecting his own force field of good luck, and Heather hoped that would make Proteus' reality warping ability not work on Longshot. She's right, and Longshot hurls a fist-full of throwing daggers into Mutant X's back, and the metal causes Kevin to run off into another reality, leaving the metal and Exiles behind.

Everyone recovers and makes new introductions (since Longshot doesn't remember meeting the Exiles before), and Heather asks the Exiles to report back to the Crystal Palace before following Proteus into the next reality.

Mimic's body is placed in the Stasis Wall.

Solicit Synopsis

Ta-da! A new Exile joins the team! And he or she arrives just in time to save the team from having their brains smashed across all reality! Part 3 (of 3)!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: A stretched-out neck, a child-size Morph, and a Doctor.


  • In this issue, Ken Connell flew 500 miles in four minutes while holding a greyhound bus over his head. This equates to 7500 miles per hour, which is almost ten times the speed of sound (768 mph). (He broke the sound barrier).

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