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Quote1.png The real question is why did you make the trip? What do you want from Hyperion? Quote2.png
-- Nighthawk

Appearing in "World Tour: Squadron Supreme" (Part 1 of 2)

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  • Blue Eagle Tanks, Jets and Submarines

Synopsis for "World Tour: Squadron Supreme" (Part 1 of 2)

Arriving at the Crystal Palace for the first time, Miguel has a million questions stemming from his scientific curiosity. Heather is all too happy to begin to answer them all, until they're interrupted by a Timebreaker. He explains that the Exiles are damaging the Multiverse further by interfering with the last few realities' timelines. The result is that the last couple have stemmed off from their original path, creating an entirely new branches of realities divergent from established timelines. While they argue about the impact the Exiles have been having and what they should do next, they find Proteus in his next reality, Earth-712.

Timebreakers from Exiles Vol 1 77 001.jpg

Three miles above Utopia Isle, command center for the Squadron Supreme, Hyperion and Power Princess rush to the aid of Doc Spectrum and Whizzer. Blue Eagle troops have found Utopia Isle, and are attacking with everything they've got. The pair begin to battle the armies, and do well until the Shock Troops shoot Hyperion with Argonite Lasers, bringing him to his knees.

Doc Spectrum and Whizzer are assessing their defense plans in the nearby command bunker. It seems Skymax is making headway with the Blue Eagle air force, and Amphibian is on the run from the Blue Eagle Navy. They decide to split, aiding both of their teammates at the same time.

A group of Shock Troops are carefully scouring a small part of the island, searching for a member of the SS who doesn't have any powers. Just as they have him pinned against a wall, Proteus warps in in front of him. The Blue Eagle Troops immediately open fire, making Proteus in his Hulk 2099 body mad, and earning them another enemy. He uses one soldier as a bat and another as a ball, knocking the ball 'out of the park'.

Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-58163) and Blue Eagles (Earth 712) from Exiles Vol 1 77 001.jpg

As Hyperion's strength begins to return, he asks Zarda for a battle estimate, and she believes they are about to die. Nighthawk shows up with his new friend, and they begin to attack the Blue Eagle troops, actually turning the tide of the battle.

Doc Spectrum and Skymax join them, and just as they feel they are winning, the Blue Eagles order a tactical retreat.

The Squadron Supreme meeting Proteus.

Twenty minutes later, Proteus is spinning his web of lies to the Squadron, using his memories of Hyperion's previous interaction with the Exiles to make the Squad believe that the Exiles have become corrupt and are hunting him for not wanting to go along with their plans.

Just as he's laid the trap, the Exiles arrive, and begin attacking Proteus, virtually validating the lies he's told. The Squadron step in, and amidst the battle, Proteus sneaks off into another reality, leaving the two teams to sort it out amongst themselves. The Exiles fight bravely, but are no match for the raw power of the Squadron Supreme.

Solicit Synopsis

What’s that? You thought the Exiles World Tour was going to slow down? What are you, an insane person!? It’s off to the Squadron Supreme universe for some major butt-kicking! It’s not too late to jump on the sleeper event of the year!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: a stretchy-neck; a giant super-hero; a hammer-hand and a punching glove hand.
  • Skymax actually morphs into Morph and tricks Blink, knocking her unconscious.

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