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Quote1.png You stand accused of crimes against nature, history, and the human race itself! The penalty you face is life imprisonment. How do you plead? Quote2.png

Appearing in ""World Tour: Squadron Supreme" (Conclusion)"

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  • The High Judicial Temple
  • The Control Room



Synopsis for ""World Tour: Squadron Supreme" (Conclusion)"

The Exiles have been captured and are put on trial for endangering the Multiverse.

They complain about being misunderstood and misrepresented, but the Squadron Supreme continue on with their trial anyway.

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Frustrated in the Crystal Palace, Heather Hudson asks out loud about how to beat the shielding from Doc Spectrum's Power Prism, and the Timebreakers suggest using their Timebroker interface. It works, and through the technology of the Crystal Palace, Heather is able to show the Exiles how badly the Squadron Supreme messed up Earth-712, as well as show the Squadron Supreme the fifty-plus universes the Exiles have saved. The mental projection is clear and true, and the Squadron's perception of the Exiles is instantly changed.

Exiles Vol 1 78 page 20 Squadron Supreme (Earth-712).jpg

To help even further, Heather gives the Squadron the evidence that the World Directorate of Earth-712 cheated the democratic system to come into power, and the Exiles escort the Squadron as they go to face the Directorate.

Once the plan for a reelection is set up, the Exiles are about to move on until the Squadron insists they bring one of their members to face Proteus.

Hyperion tries to go, but Power Princess insists that 712 needs him now more than ever. She takes his place with the Exiles and they grumble about not asking for new members.

Off they pop to continue chasing Proteus.

Solicit Synopsis

The Exiles are knee-deep in the World Tour, and up to their necks in trouble! How is that possible? Don’t ask! It’s the Exiles vs. the Squadron Supreme! And is there a new team member in their future? You bet there is! Part 2 (of 2)!


In this issue, Morph changes into a tiny model Rorschach of Watchmen.

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