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Quote1.png ...the only thing that could ever stop the Hulk... is the Hulk. Quote2.png
Rick Jones

Appearing in "World Tour: Future Imperfect (Part I of II)"

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Synopsis for "World Tour: Future Imperfect (Part I of II)"

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Rick Jones explains the backstory of Earth-9200 to Proteus. He was in the Negaverse when most of his friends died, and with Captain Marvel's last breath, she clicked her Nega-Bands and brought Rick back to Earth. When he arrived, the nuclear war had just finished, and all of the heroes were dead, save one. The extra radiation fed the last hero, and turned him mad, until he became the intolerable tyrant, The Maestro.

Power Princess' first arrival at the Crystal Palace is an eventful one, she attempts to take command, instructing the Timebreakers to reduce the light to tolerable human spectrum, and ignoring Heather's request to surgically implant some steel in her cerebellum. Blink agrees with her, that their plans so far have led to people getting killed and Proteus escaping time after time.

Heather gives the situation of Earth-9200, and Power Princess formulates a plan.

Proteus and Rick Jones arrive at Rick's collection room, and Proteus notes some familiar pieces before Rick comes to the reason they came there. It seems Forge built a Hulk-killing gun before he was arrested, and it's up to Proteus to use it on The Maestro to put everyone out of their misery.

Proteus makes his way to Maestro, surprised when he doesn't have to fight anyone along the way. Maestro explains that he was told Proteus was coming, and the Exiles reveal themselves behind The Maestro. Proteus wastes no time, and begins shooting with Forge's gun, hitting Maestro before having it blinked away by Blink.

Proteus slaps his hands together creating a huge sonic boom and knocking the Exiles away, leaving him to jump on top of Maestro, ready to swap bodies with him. Poison and intense pain make him jump right back into his previous Hulk body, where he discovers that what he thought was Maestro was Morph posing as him. Spidey blinds him with webbing, and he starts bringing down the place around them. Power Princess decides to end the fight, and takes one of Longshot's throwing knives, commenting that she can throw it hard enough to penetrate the Hulk's skin. She does, and there's a moment of joy until they all realize she pierced Maestro's skin by mistake, turning him into an enraged beast!

Solicit Synopsis

The new team is now complete, just in time to be pulled apart. The Exiles find themselves on a world under the rule of the Incredible Hulk! He’s already killed all the heroes of his world, so what’s to stop him from doing the same to the Exiles?!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: a Highly-Decorated Army General, a giant alarm for a head, Hulk's Head, The Maestro's Assistant, and The Maestro.


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