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Appearing in "World Tour: Future Imperfect (Part 2 of 2)"

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Synopsis for "World Tour: Future Imperfect (Part 2 of 2)"

Morph recalls his life before the Exiles in the middle of the fight against Proteus in Hulk 2099's body and The Maestro.

The Maestro is losing patience quickly, and dishes out internal injuries to Spider-Man 2099 and Sabretooth while Morph thinks further about the current situation with Proteus.

Blink tries to sent Maestro on a quick trip to low Earth orbit, but misses and sends Sabretooth instead, making her quickly retrieve him and they both end up half frozen.

Proteus awakens just in time to see The Maestro flick Blink, knocking her out, and he becomes enraged, fighting Maestro for Blink's honor and to take his body. He gets Maestro in a headlock, and snaps his neck, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Maestro's palace guards burst in and start blasting away at Proteus, distracting him from his body snatching. Once they're dispatched with, Longshot takes a turn at keeping him occupied, and is almost smashed when Morph charges in, hulk-sized. Proteus uses his reality-bending on Morph.

Longshot takes a shot at distracting Proteus again, and Kevin tries to take Longshot's body, only to find the metal implanted in his cerebral cortex. Morph sees an opportunity while Proteus is vulnerable and takes a shot straight to the face, pushing the metal he'd been holding onto straight out of him, and leaving him vulnerable to become Proteus' next victim.

Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-58163) and Kevin Sidney (Earth-1081) from Exiles Vol 1 80 001.jpg

The Exiles are regrouping when Morph comes back on scene, laughing a purely maniacal laugh. Proteus is extremely happy with Morph's body, feeling like it will never waste away and he can look however he wants, including like himself.

Longshot throws his knives, and Proteus easily morphs around them before warping himself to the next universe.

Broken and upset about losing another teammate to Proteus' insanity, the Exiles move on to the next universe as well.

Solicit Synopsis

The World Tour is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the Exiles are out of the woods quite yet. Another Exile has yet to fall to Proteus, and it happens here! Will the Exiles be able to pick up the pieces after losing another one of their own!? Part 2 (of 2)!


  • In this issue, Morph morphs into: a blob baby, the quintessential all-American boy-next-door, puppets of Cyclops and Wolverine for hands, a giant blanket catching Spider-Man, bugged out eyes, an ENORMOUS version of himself, Mace-balls for hands, and giant cement paste blocks for hands.

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