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Quote1.png Artificial planet was always destabilizing force. Arrival of Subject-Proteus is tipping point. Temporal Scanners recommend destruction of Counter-Earth. Quote2.png
A Timebreaker

Appearing in ""World Tour: Heroes Reborn" (Part 1 of 2)"

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Synopsis for ""World Tour: Heroes Reborn" (Part 1 of 2)"

The Exiles pop back into the Crystal Palace and check in with Heather. Heather explains that she was able to prevent Proteus from getting back to Earth-616, kind-of.

Morph/Proteus finds himself atop the Statue of Liberty with New York City completely flooded by the Atlantic Ocean. He morphs into a shark-man and investigates the area, stumbling upon some Atlanteans.

Heather explains that she was able to trick Proteus into warping to Counter-Earth, a duplicate of Earth on the other side of the sun. Blink takes back leadership of the Exiles team and proceeds with her plan.

Proteus interrogates the Atlanteans and finds that they were about to shoot a nuclear warhead into the floating city of Attilan above them.

The Exiles watch the happenings from their Control Room until Proteus uses his power to jam their reception.

In Attilan, the Young Allies feel that they are being duped. They are waiting to meet up with the Atlanteans and form an alliance, but believe they are waiting to be ambushed. Their beliefs are verified when Proteus shows up riding the Statue of Liberty with the warhead in her hand. He explains that he saved them from the Atlanteans and would like their help battling his own enemies.

On Earth-712 Whizzer and Nighthawk are dismantling the Behavior Modification Chairs so that no one can abuse them again.

Spider-Man and Power Princess arrive, under the guise that they've captured Proteus. When Nighthawk doesn't believe them, Princess has to knock him out so that Miguel can take a look at the B-Mod chairs.

The Young Allies fill Proteus in on where he is and the history behind the planet. He agrees to help them 'protect their refugees' if they help him fight the Exiles.

30 minutes later, Sabretooth and Longshot are searching Attilan for Proteus. Sabretooth finally catches Morph's lack of scent, and they begin to follow him, walking right into the Young Allies' trap.

Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-58163) and Exiles (Multiverse) from Exiles Vol 1 81 001.jpg

They all start to fight, and as soon as Jolt takes Longshot out of the picture, Proteus asserts his reality-bending powers again, instantly beginning to torture the Exiles. It's at this point that the Young Allies realize they've picked the wrong side.

Order (Heroes Reborn) (Earth-616) and Kaos (Heroes Reborn) (Earth-616) from Exiles Vol 1 81 001.jpg

Just then, Order and Kaos appear, tens of stories into the sky, claiming that Proteus is the one they've been waiting for, and snatching him away to play his part in Counter-Earth's judgement.

The Young Allies apologize to the Exiles for picking the wrong teammate, and they try to contact Heather to get Proteus' new location. However, the Crystal Palace's scanners indicate that Counter-Earth is in flux and is recommended for destruction.

Solicit Synopsis

The beginning of the end starts here! The tour of duty is about to reach its earth breaking conclusion! The Exiles track Proteus to the world of Heroes Reborn. Big man-chests and bigger action await them on a world that was never meant to be made!


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