Quote1.png Thanks tae me, ye've decided everyone here must die? Brilliant. Quote2.png
-- Proteus

Appearing in "World Tour: Heroes Reborn" (Conclusion)

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  • The Tallus
  • A Behavior Modification Helmet
  • Longshot's Throwing Knives
  • Miguel's Spinnerets
  • Power Princess' Shield
  • A few hundred Nuclear Missiles
  • Empress Dorma's Crown


Synopsis for "World Tour: Heroes Reborn" (Conclusion)

Since Proteus was taken by Order and Kaos, Spider-Man believes that Blink's plan to use a brain-washing headset on him won't work anymore. The Exiles and the Young Allies try to figure out where Proteus was sent on their own since the Tallus still isn't working.

In Atlantis' nuclear warhead storage room, O and Kay have judged Counter-Earth to be destroyed, and ask Proteus to use the nuclear stockpile to do so. He's eager to please.

Empress Dorma walks in with her imperial guard determined to stop Proteus and punish him for ruining her first strike at Attilan. Of course Proteus uses his reality-altering powers and the Atlanteans can't touch him.

Exiles Vol 1 82 page 08 Atlanteans.jpg

An hour later, Heather and the Timebreakers re-establish contact with the Exiles and find Proteus. Five hundred miles southwest of the British Isles, Proteus has raised Atlantis from the ocean floor to become its own island. In the process of doing so, he trapped the Atlanteans in the city, suffocating them all when they were no longer under water. The teams take Attilan to investigate further, and the bugs inform Heather that the planet is likely to be destroyed soon, so the Exiles should be pulled out.

Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-58163), Kevin Sidney (Earth-1081), and Exiles (Multiverse) from Exiles Vol 1 82 001.jpg

Proteus makes all the dead bodies come to life and scream at the teams before appearing himself, citing it as a joke that they don't get. When Blink yells at him for pretending to be Morph, he morphs into Calvin instead, to torture her further. In the midst of their conversation, he remembers that he's supposed to be setting off the nuclear warheads, and starts sending the missiles off. The Exiles attack and Blink manages to knock off his crown while Jolt and Colt set off to stop the missiles. When Longshot is knocked unconscious by an Atlantean wall, Proteus starts in with his reality-altering powers again, torturing the Exiles and remaining Young Allies.

Jolt and Colt manage to take out a few warheads at a time, hoping they can get them all eventually and that their teammates are fairing better back with Proteus.

Proteus takes his crown back and puts it back on his head, touting his long-sought victory over the Exiles. The Behavior-Modification headset Blink had blinked into the crown immediately goes to work on Proteus, locking out all memories aside from Morphs. He morphs back into Morph, and starts to get confused about how he got where he is. No longer using his reality-powers, Atlantis begins to sink once again and both teams blink back to Attilan.

When they arrive, Sabretooth desperately wants to gut Proteus, not understanding what has happened, but Blink stops him, and explains that Morph's body is the perfect prison for Proteus. It'll never wear out, and as long as no one reminds him of who he really is, he'll continue to think he's Morph forever.

Exiles Vol 1 82 page 23 Exiles (Panoptichron).jpg

They ask Heather to help get rid of the last warheads, and three hours later return to the Crystal Palace. The Timebreakers remind the Exiles of broken realities still needing to be fixed, and the entire team pledges to continue the work they had started, including Proteus, who continues to think he's Morph...

Solicit Synopsis

This is it folks! The earth-busting conclusion to the World Tour epic that has ripped through the Exiles’ lives is here! One of their own has been taken by Proteus! Is it too late to save them? It’s all been building to this! Part 2 (of 2)!


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