Quote1.png Cal died fighting for what he believed in. I'll tell you how it happened, and why he's been gone... and then I hope you'll tell me everything he never got a chance to tell me himself. Quote2.png
-- Blink

Appearing in "It's Your Funeral"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:
In the Stasis Wall

On Earth-12


Other Characters: On Earth-27

On Earth-653

On Earth-172

On Earth-1287

On Earth-181

On Earth-3031

On Earth-714

On Earth-23895

On Earth-10101

On Earth-1917

  • Colossus (Corpse)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rasputin
  • Illyana and Mikhail Rasputin[1]

On Earth-4210

On Earth-873

On Earth-15

On Earth-4732

On Earth-371

  • Various Thieves Guild members

On Earth-2189




Synopsis for "It's Your Funeral"

On Earth-27, Magneto returns home to his anxious wife, Rogue. It seems the body of their lost son was returned to them with a note.

Similar situations are taking place across the Multiverse, as the Exiles have finally gotten around to returning their fallen brethren from the Stasis Wall.

While processing these bodies, Power Princess lets it slip that Morph is no longer with them. Heather pulls her aside to remind her that it's dangerous to even accidentally remind Proteus who he really is.

Morph and Spidey have a light-hearted conversation in the Stasis room when they come upon Thunderbird, and then Morph explains his back story.

In the infirmary, Sabretooth is having trouble getting Iron Man back to his home reality. Apparently they'll shoot him on sight there.

Blink is thinking about burying Mimic in the Desert beyond space and time when Longshot reminds her about personally wanting to be buried at home among his family.

Morph and Spidey make it to Sabretooth and Iron Man when Tony powers up his armor with a code word and begins tearing the Crystal Palace apart. Everyone takes a shot at him, but only Morph is able to get to his reboot button behind his neck when Longshot throws a knife into his eye-hole, blinding him on one side. Five minutes later, he's sent home.

Earth-12 from Exiles Vol 1 83 0001.jpg

The Exiles continue sending bodies home, and funerals abound. On Earth-12, The X-Men wake in the night to an intruder alarm and run downstairs for action. Blink has arrived, and she's brought Mimic home.

Solicit Synopsis

Saying good-bye is never easy. After the madness of the World Tour, the Exiles finally have some down time. But that means having to bury some of their own. The team says good-bye to those that have fallen in the past and must make some very difficult choices about the future.

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  1. There are Four people at Colossus' funeral, it is likely to be these four, but there is no way to tell.

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