The existence of this Exitar followed a similar path to his Earth-616 counterpart up until a Celestial Gardener was killed and members of the Avengers Unity Squad, the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man were abducted by the Apocalypse Twins to caste a rapture spell on Earth.[1]

Exitar came to Earth to pass judgement on the humans due to the death of a Celestial, while Thor and Eimin battled each other outside Earth's orbit. Thor believed that he could persuade Exitar to spare the planet since it was the doing of the Twins that led to the Gardener's death.[2]

Exitar (Earth-13133) destroying Earth as Uatu (Earth-13133) watches from the Moon from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 17

Exitar destroying the Earth

The heroes of Earth planned on attacking Exitar if Thor's idea didn't work, with Iron Man and Doctor Doom using a force field that would engulf the entire planet to protect them from Exitar's attacks while Hyperion led a group of heroes to confront Exitar head on.[3]

The force field generator suffered a fracture and blew up from Exitar's massive size and with one fell swoop Exitar destroyed Earth.[4]


Seemingly those of the Exitar of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Exitar of Earth-616.

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