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Exitar's purpose was to destroy the life on worlds which failed the Celestials' tests.[1]

Conflict with the Watchers

During a conflict with The Watchers, Exitar killed The One, the Watcher who collected all the information from his fellow, and was accused to precipitate the end of the universe. In retaliation, Exitar was "murdered" by Sue Storm after she destroyed his brain. Uatu stated that a new Exitar would take his place eventually.[3]

Celestial Gardener

After the death of a Celestial Gardener at the hands of the Apocalypse Twins Exitar arrived on the Earth to destroy it, but before he could he was held back by Sentry and Rogue - Rogue having absorbed the powers of virtually every hero in the Avengers and X-Men - long enough for Thor to kill him with Jarnbjorn after noting that Exitar would not listen to him.[4] After its death, Exitar's cosmic energy was absorbed first by Kang as a means to conquer the Earth, and then later by Sunfire and Havok to stop Kang. Eventually, the energies returned to the White Hot Room to await its rebirth.[5]



Exitar controls cosmic energy with an unknown upper limit and is nearly invulnerable. It is an extremely powerful Celestial able to destroy planets fast and with ease. Exitar is able to effortlessly overpower the majority of Earth's superhumans as if they were insects (showed by his counterpart from a close time-line).[6]

A full-strength hammer blow from Thor only managed to punch a small hole in his armor.[2] Exitar's power is superior to Galactus, In-Betweener and Odin/Zeus and can affect reality on a universal scale.


His only weakness appears to be Thor's Jarnbjorn.[4]


  • It has been noted that the size and power of The Fourth Host (including Arishem) are as nothing compared to higher level Celestials such as Exitar.[7]

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