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Exitar was a Celestial who may or may not have originated during the time of the First Cosmos; however, what is known is that Celestials' counterparts across the Multiverse are interconnected aspects of themselves and not separate beings. Thus, the Exitar of Earth-616 was one aspect of the true Exitar.[5]

Celestial Executioner[]

Exitar's purpose was to destroy the life on worlds which failed the Celestials' tests. After Arishem's 50 year judgment determined that Pangoria had failed, Exitar arrived to purge it. Thor unsuccessfully tried to stop Exitar and broke Mjolnir in the process. However, Exitar only killed the wicked populace, spared the benevolent, and transformed Pangoria into a lush paradise. Exitar created a Replicoid to lecture Thor about interfering with the Celestials' benign work. The Celestials sealed Pangoria from outside interference, then the Replicoid restored Thor's hammer and sent him away.[6]

Conflict with the Watchers[]

During a conflict with the Watchers, Exitar killed The One, the Watcher who collected all the information from his fellow, and was accused to precipitate the end of the universe. In retaliation, Exitar was "murdered" by Sue Storm after she destroyed his "brain" and delayed the conflict. The Celestials would manifest another Exitar eventually.[3]

Exitar (Multiverse) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 15 002

Apocalypse Twins[]

After the death of a Celestial Gardener at the hands of the Apocalypse Twins,[7] Exitar arrived on the Earth to destroy it as part of the Apocalypse Twins' plan to erase all of the Earth's futures,[8] including Kang's timeline.[9] Exitar accomplished this task,[10] but Kang's Chronos Corps sent the Avengers Unity Division's minds back in time to avert the Earth's destruction.[11] In the new timeline, Exitar's descent was stalled by the Sentry and Rogue, who had absorbed the powers of virtually every hero in the Avengers and X-Men, long enough for Thor to kill him with Jarnbjorn as Exitar would not listen.[4] After its death, Kang the Conqueror attempted to absorb its energy but Sunfire and Havok briefly absorbed some of it as well and stopped Kang. The energy soon returned to the White Hot Room to await Exitar's rebirth.[12]



Exitar (Multiverse) and Uatu (Earth-13133) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 17 001

Destroying the Earth

Exitar controlled cosmic energy with an unknown upper limit and was nearly invulnerable. Exitar could exist in multiple locations simultaneously and was said to purify galaxies.[2] Exitar could selectively destroy members of a population and transform entire planets.[13] Exitar was able to effortlessly overpower the majority of Earth's superhumans as if they were insects.[10] Thanks to Exitar's size, it could destroy planets by physically smashing them, and the shockwave would also destroy nearby moons.[10]

A full-strength hammer blow from Thor only managed to punch a small hole in his armor.[2] Exitar's power is superior to the power of the entire Fourth Host combined,[14] to Galactus, In-Betweener and Odin/Zeus and can affect reality on a universal scale.[citation needed]


Sue Storm managed to "kill" Exitar through an attack in Hyperspace, though Sue was unsure if she had actually killed him or done little more than just "oust" him from the Earth dimension.[3] Exitar's armor could be pierced by Thor's Jarnbjorn.[4]


  • It has been noted that the size and power of The Fourth Host (including Arishem) are nothing compared to higher level Celestials such as Exitar.[15]


Thor Odinson (Earth-616), Exitar (Multiverse), and Arishem (First Cosmos) from Thor Vol 1 388 001
Thor Odinson (Earth-616) and Exitar (Multiverse) from Thor Vol 1 388 001
  • In Exitar's original appearance from Thor #387389, he had stars all over his body. In later appearances, the artists usually omit the stars.

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