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Exo-Parasites are a race of parasitic alien beings that hail from Exo-Space, the negative space between realities. Along with Shoggoths and Viral Parallels, they are the scavengers of the Outer Omniverse, and voracious species that cross between realities and consume their inhabitants.

Ms. America fought a group of those "locals" of the Exo-Space, possibly including Exo-Parasites, when she entered Exo-Space in order to close a rift in space and time.[1]


  • The Exo-Parasites are seemingly inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, described as similar to the Shoggoths (with whom they share their location and goals in the Exo-Space),[1] and being seemingly referenced (along other creatures) as "eldritch forms and predatory concepts", and (individually) as "a Cthulhu".[2]

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