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Quote1.png Ah, I see. The Exoteric Latitude. I believe I remember this now. I used it as a dumping ground for my failed expiriments. I'm sorry, child. You have spent your life thinking you were cursed... I'm afraid it wasn't anything so dramatic... you were born from my trash. Quote2.png


Billions of years ago, the primordial god of the abyss Knull began experimenting with his power to manipulate the living abyss to create parasitic entities called Symbiotes; discarding the specimens he deemed failures in the Exoteric Latitude.[1][2] Eventually, a lost group of Kree explorers stumbled into this region of space and were attacked by the Exolon, which bonded to them and were said to feed on their immortal souls. It was because of this bonding that these Kree became the Nameless, as once estranged from their souls they lost all sense of time and sentience.[3]

Alternate Reality Versions

2017s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-17628)

A group of Exolon parasites had at some point infected the body of Zak-Del following the death of his father, which granted him his abilities and became a bounty hunter.[4] It is unknown if they had any previous history with Knull.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

In the Universe of Earth-199999, the Exolon are a humanoid race inhabiting the galaxy.[5] The group known as Exolon Monks allied with Ronan and performed a ritual on him. They were also the pilots of Dark Aster, until being killed by Rocket Raccoon, who crashed the Milano into their ship.[6]

Powers and Abilities


The Exolon Parasites are a swarm collective appearing as a singular black mass which bond with their hosts by infesting their bodies - though the process differs from those of other Symbiotes in that the Exolons' hosts must be mortally wounded first. Once bonded, the Exolon covers their host as a black membrane, but can also take on the appearance of clothing.[3]

The Exolon are said to consume their dying host's soul as it leaves their body, and in exchange affords their unwilling hosts enhanced strength and essential biophysical immortality,[7] as the parasitic Exolon do everything in their power to preserve and protect their hosts. They are given powerful healing factors which enabled mending even the most severe of abrasions i.e. even to the point of rejecting Phalanx Assimilation as well as instantaneous recovery from serious cranial injury and severe bodily tissue damage.[8]

The level of self-healing being so powerful that the Exolon's made their hosts tireless and ageless, practically undying for all intents and purposes by maintaining their corporeal vessel's youth for an eternity as well as almost-completely eliminating their ability to feel pain.[1] The Exolon also provide a form of self-sustenance which allows for the parasite and it's housing to survive indefinitely in hostile environments without food, hydration, habitable atmosphere or any real kind of nourishment.[9] However, these powers do not come without cost, as most hosts lost their senses of self and go insane, mutilating themselves over and over in order to feel something other than emptiness and reclaim fragments of their memories.[3]

An Exolon host can induce their symbiote's plasmids to swarm by exposing their soul, a phenomenon that strikes terror into most beings who witness it - even the relatively emotionless Phalanx. This can be used to controlling the Exolon from miles away, can also be used to strike deadly fear into an opposing force.[9] The effect of this is so potent that the Exolon can reach out and cover a legion of Kree Sentries at once.[10] It also has tangible substance, easily able to rupture and shatter reinforced bindings like a prison stockade with relative ease or act as a smokescreen to cover escapes and disrupt advanced technological scans.[9]

However, inducing the Exolon to swarm requires conscious control, and if their host is incapacitated the swarm disperses without a proper activator in order to guide it.[7] Exolon enable their hosts an undisclosed level of energy control, showing the capacity for absorbing and negating blaster fire as well as consuming the quintessence of other living beings in order to strengthen themselves. Wraith once used his Exolon to consume the weaponized soul of the Godhead Supremor in order to interject and consume the spiritual cores of a hoary host of countless souls throughout an entire star quadrant.[11] Their soul scouring is so potent that it can prevent a lifeless machine form from casting it's digitized consciousness from from a decimated automation.[12]

As creatures of the living abyss, the Exolon can interface with the symbiote hive-mind and are vulnerable to being controlled by Knull.[2]


Much like their symbiote counterparts, the Exolon possess the ability to take the form of Necroswords when compelled to by a prominent host.[2]


Numbness: Whenever an Exolon consumes the soul of their host, the unlucky individual is rendered physically, mentally and emotionally numb to almost all forms of sensory stimuli; gradually losing themselves bit by bit the longer they are united to their symbiote.[3] This drives them to repeatedly inflict grievous - and even mortal - wounds upon themselves for the sake of helping themselves remember who and/or what it was that they used to be.[2]


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Unknown, possibly inapplicable

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None known


Wraith's Symbiote

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