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Cypher's renegate Exonim
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Master Molds, Humans;
Cypher & X-Force
(renegate Exonim)
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Other Exonims (Cypher's renegate Exonim)
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Sentinels/vehicles designed to track mutants
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Exonims (Earth-10076) from Uncanny X-Men 525 0005

Exonims vs. X-Force

When the X-Force came to the future to stop the attack of Nimrods on Utopia, they first encountered Exonims, of which they destroyed and killed the pilots, before Cypher used them to obtain intel on the ongoing attack.[1]
Exonims (Earth-10076) from New Mutants Vol 3 14 0002

Cypher manipulating an Exonim

Later, they confronted other Exonims and a Hound, who were all killed and destroyed, except from one who was manipulated by Cypher, revealing its slave position in that society to make the Sentinel reject its pilot and ally with the mutants. Using that Exonim, X-Force managed to enter the Master Mold's area,[2] and later escorted Cypher along with Cable to the Sentinel center, in order to deactivate it,[3] killing several Exonims in the process.


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