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Massive vehicles designed to combat, capture and kill mutants. Various models have been built and deployed all over.

It is believed that without the deployment of the Exonims and the cull of the mutant numbers, Magneto would have been able to assemble a massive force of mutants.[1]

After Fortress X was established, the Exonims were deployed alongside infantry units in an attempt to overtake the mutant stronghold, but the barrier maintained by the Force Warriors often made these assaults futile.


  • Mark-IV and Mark-V: "Minimum-metal" Exonim: Designed to capture or kill Magneto in Baton Rouge, failing but although wounding him.[1]
  • Unknown if same or different from the "Mininum-metal", the Non-ferrous Exonims were also deployed during the Operation Pig Iron, which almost killed Magneto in Nevada, possibly saved by Magma's arrival.[2]
  • Alpha Exonims and Beta Exonims: Those Exonims were presumably an evolution, in some way unrevealed. They were unsuccessful to defeat Magma. They are known to be equipped with flamethrowers, cameras and are able heat until a temperature of around 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.[2]

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