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The Exorcist Gun is an advanced weapon equipped with several colloquially named "Necrotech" features. It was first developed by M.I.T. engineer Silicon Valle based upon original designs developed by Stark Industries.[1]


Several years ago, Frank Drake used the last of his waning fortune to commission the development of the Exorcist Gun, which he nicknamed, "Linda" (after Linda Blair, the film star from the 1973 film, The Exorcist). Using Nanotechnology, the Exorcist Gun tracks and targets the unique energy signature given off by supernatural entities.

The delivery system of the gun uses plasma charges which act as a suspension medium, carrying Necrotech motors to their target. The microscopic engines alter the atomic structure of preternatural bone, often causing paralysis in its intended target.

Frank Drake first employed the Exorcist Gun when his colleagues, Blade, Hannibal King and he were manipulated into fighting the Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze. Frank fired a blast of Necrotech into the Ghost Rider's midsection causing his bones to temporarily fuse together.[1]

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