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An advanced example of Shi'ar technology, Exospex are special goggles that enable the user to download superhuman powers, but only one at a time. They are standard issue equipment for the Imperial Guard's Smashers.


Penta-Vision the goggles provide X-Ray vision which allows the user to see through solid matter. The goggles also provide the use of telescopic vision, in combination with penta-vision if desired. Also has microscopic vision.

Superhuman Strength: The user has superhuman levels of strength when wearing the goggles.

Superhuman Speed: Even when not travelling for extended distances, the exospex allow the wearer to move and react at high speeds.

Enhanced Durability: while wearing the exospex the user is capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of punishment. They can withstand high caliber bullets with ease. They can also withstand rockets, torpedoes, however the user does receive some damage.

Self-Contained Life-Support System & Environmental Protection: The exospex protect the user from the vacuum in space, providing its own life support, and is shielded against radiation.

Energy Projection: The exospex can fire energy beams which can repel physical and energy-based attacks.

Interstellar Travel: The user has the ability to travel into hyperspace

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