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Upon the creation of the mutant-only nation of Krakoa, Explodey Boy was one of many revived mutants at the hands of the Five, by creating a cloned body of the original Explodey Boy and uploading his last memories to the empty husk. After "coming back to life", he fixed his relationship with his parents and tried to cherish his new chance at life.[1][2]

Sometime later, the Scarlet Witch attempted to revive the 16 million people who'd died on the island of Genosha to make up for her own crimes against mutantkind. The spell she used didn't go according to plan, however, and the revived mutants, including the original Explodey Boy, returned to life with zombie-like characteristics. She then asked Doctor Strange for help, but all he could do was make it so the revival would only last 30 days.[3][2]

During the Cotati invasion of Earth, the Explodey Boy clone traveled to Genosha and met the original. He had a brief conversation with his zombie self, explaining how he was able to move on with his life since his ressurection on Krakoa. After their brief exchange, his zombie duplicate decided to sacrifice himself to save everyone, while the alive version returned to Krakoa.[2] He later joined the newly reformed X-Men in Otherworld defending Krakoa from the hoards of Amenth.[4]



Fragokinesis: Can cause things to explode.


  • His first kiss occurred after his resurrection with a mutant named Arachnidor, a "girl with the mutant power to smell like spiders".[2]

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