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Marvel Girl

Appearing in "Extermination: Part Three of Five"

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Synopsis for "Extermination: Part Three of Five"

At the Xavier Institute, Logan, now a Hound, attacks young Beast. Meanwhile in Searebro, the time-displaced Cyclops is unhappy to be hiding from Ahab, but Jean Grey insists that he is safer far away from him. At the same time, Jean's younger self is traveling with the disbanded X-Force and Domino declares her intention to kill the young Cable for killing their leader.

Back at the school, Logan continues attacking the X-Men and Ahab reveals that he was so easily turned into a Hound because of Manon and Maxime's psychic interference, as Ahab is using them as weapons and intentionally planted them in Chicago for the X-Men to rescue and bring back to the mansion. Ahab demand that the young Beast be handed over to him and Storm refuses. In retaliation, Ahab suddenly turns Nighcrawler into a Hound and the latter immediately starts trying to kill his friends. Meanwhile on the X-Wing, Shatterstar suddenly turns into a Hound and begins attacking everyone else on the plane.

In Searebro, Honey Badger spots Nightcrawler battling Cyclops (the latter having teleported them both to the bottom of the ocean) and Jean forms a telekinetic bubble around Cyclops to protect him from the ocean's pressure. Back on the X-Wing, Warpath manages to restrain Shatterstar and Marvel Girl determines that his mind has been filled with false memories of being brainwashed into becoming a Hound and unsuccessfully tries to psychically reach the real him. Meanwhile the older Jean Grey watches over Cyclops, who is resting in the medical bay. On the X-Wing, Shatterstar continues attacking his teammates and Cannonball grabs him and propels himself out of the plane.

At the mansion, Ahab demands that the young Beast give himself up as he is being chased by Ahab's Hounds. Suddenly, young Cable appears and shoots the Hounds attacking Beast, but tranquilizes and teleports away with him. The older Beast despairs his failure to protect his younger self. Angry over his target vanishing, Ahab and his Hounds teleport away.

In Cable's safe house, he has placed Beast in a sleeping pod and completed to surgery to give Angel his original feathery wings back. On the X-Wing, Domino reminisces about Cable and describes how she and the others plan on killing his young self in revenge for his murder. Marvel Girl reluctantly goes along with their plan, but informs them that they are going in the wrong direction to find him.

On Ahab's ship, his crew continues their hunt for the time-displaced X-Men and Manon tells him that Cable is also hunting the young X-Men, but he is too late. Back at Cable's safe house, there is a sudden breach and Cable sees that it has been caused by Marvel Girl and the former X-Force.

Solicit Synopsis

• With Ahab hunting the time-traveling X-Men, it’s all hands on deck, as every X-Men team is called to arms and protect the remaining young mutants.

• But young Jean Grey and her bodyguards aren’t going to lie still for Ahab to come to them…

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