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Quote1 You told me how to beat you. Quote2
Jean Grey

Appearing in "Extermination: Part Five of Five"

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Synopsis for "Extermination: Part Five of Five"

Cyclops has seemingly been killed by Ahab, but Cable removes his visor to reveal he was actually Mimic. Mimic says he just wanted to help as he dies and the real Cyclops reveals himself nearby. He explains that Mimic took his visor to change places with him and determines to stay and fight Ahab. As more and more of the X-Men are turned into Hounds, Cable is told by his mother Jean Grey to return the time-displaced X-Men to their own time before Ahab can kill one of them, but Cable is unable to while Ahab is attacking them at such close range. Kitty Pryde and her team arrive and the adult Jean warns them to stay away from Manon and Maxime. Jean creates a telekinetic bubble to keep out the Hounds and Cable persuades the younger Cyclops and Marvel Girl that they need to return to the past to save the future, revealing that the stakes of the situation are the reason why he never asked any of them to come willingly. The young Angel and Iceman say goodbye to their older selves and Cable teleports himself and all five of the time-displaced X-Men away.

They arrive fifteen years into the future five years before before mutant extermination and Manon and Maxime are not yet under Ahab's control. However, Ahab follows them into the timeline and Marvel Girl rushes to find the children in the Xavier Institute. Finding them in the kitchen, she persuades them to divulge how their psychic powers work.

Outside, Ahab attacks taunts Cable about his inferiority to his older self and furthermore to Ahab himself. Cyclops and Cable blow up Ahab's ship, destroying his means of time travel, and Marvel Girl returns to the group with the information she needs. Cable teleports the five of them away to their own time, leaving himself behind to fight Ahab. He teleports himself and Ahab back to the present, where Cable blasts off Ahab's mechanical limbs as he waits for the younger X-Men to close off the time loop.

Arriving just a few seconds after their past selves first traveled into the future, the time-displaced X-Men are finally home. Inside, they change into the outfits they were wearing when the older Beast first arrived to take them away and Jean explains that Manon taught her how to telepathically repress their memories of their time in the future so they will later return when they eventually become their older selves. Scott doubts Cable's truthfulness on the matter but Jean assures him Cable also wanted to save Jean and Scott specifically from the apocalyptic future, because he is just a young boy who misses his father. The X-Men contemplate whether their time in the future made a difference and Jean asserts that it did before wiping everyone's memories, including her own, and everyone picks up where they left off before meeting the older Beast.

Back in the present, Jean Grey and the other original X-Men suddenly receive the memories of their younger selves, including how to defeat the Hounds which the younger Jean learned from Manon. Jean unleashes a psychic attack that reverts the brainwashed X-Men to their normal selves. However, Rachel, whose brainwashing was real, remains a Hound and Ahab teleports away with her, though Cable vows to track him down. Jean accepts the young Cable as her son and he requests that Manon and Maxime be given a good home, which his mother promises as he teleports away.

Several days later, the funeral of Bloodstorm, Cable, and Mimic is held, and afterwards Jean comforts Hope Summers. Later, Jean, Hank, Warren, and Bobby go out for milkshakes together and reflect on having their younger selves' memories and toast to Scott, the only member of the original X-Men missing from the group.

At Cable's safe house, he grabs two root beers from a mini fridge and tells an unseen guest that now that the young X-Men have gone back to the past it's time for him to come back. He passes one of the root beers to the guest as he is revealed to be Cable's resurrected father Cyclops.

Solicit Synopsis

• It all ends here!!!

• The original five X-Men have taken the fight back to Ahab… but at what cost?

• Who lives? Who dies? The X-Men will never be the same again.


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