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Quote1.png I have built the External Gate. Constructed it on the bones of immortal mutants... Just as planned. Just as required. Quote2.png

The External Gate was a large Krakoan gateway between Krakoa and Otherworld. The Earth side was located in the Eternal Caldera on Arak Coral of Krakoa, while the Otherworld side opened beneath the Starlight Citadel.[1][2][3]


In his efforts to recover Arakko and his family, Apocalypse called a meeting of the Externals inside the Eternal Caldera on the Arak Coral of Krakoa. Thanks to Rictor, Apocalypse had murdered Crule, Saul, Nicodemus and Candra, and with the aid of Selene, Gideon and Absalom sacrificed their corpse to create the Krakoan side of the External Gate. With Excalibur planting the partner Gateway in Otherworld, Apocalypse successfully secured the large gate connecting Krakoa and Otherworld.[1]

Soon after creating the External Gate, Apocalypse sent Summoner with Banshee and Unus the Untouchable to herald his arrival.[2] When Summoner reemerged with a wounded and dying Banshee, he pleaded for help and the issue of the External Gate was brought before the Quiet Council. Although the majority of the Quiet Council voted to destroy the External Gate due to its security risk, they were overruled by Krakoa who demanded that the Gate remain open.[3]

Leading a small team of volunteers, Apocalypse and Summoner lead Rictor, Rockslide, Beast, Angel, Siryn, Havok, Polaris, and M through the External Gate to Otherworld where they were almost immediately ambushed by the First Horsemen.[3]

Opal Luna Saturnyne closing the External Gate from the Otherworld side

After making the First Horsemen and Krakoan agree to a ten on ten sword battle, Opal Luna Saturnyne closed the External Gate. Additionally, with the resurrection protocols under threat, the Quiet Council ordered a stop to all travel from Krakoa to Otherworld.[4]

Once the tournament was over with Krakoa the victor, Arakko and her mutants were chosen by Apocalypse to return to Earth.[5] However, before Arakko passed through the External Gate, Krakoa detached the Arak Coral, and consequently the External Gate, from himself. As Arakko came through the External Gate, it took the place of the previously smaller Arak Coral as an independent island.[6]


  • The External Gate is Apocalypse's second attempt in creating the gate, the first was on Cornwall by the Braddock Lighthouse. He succeeded in creating a gate that would allow mutants to now enter Avalon, the ritual was interfered with though when Rictor used up the energy of the ancient bones and Gambit awaked his wife Rogue early.[7]
  • The External Gate was one of the only known Gateways that allowed non-mutants to pass through it.[3]


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