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Exto Clan
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Mobile in space, formerly U-235 planet
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Unnamed members
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Uranium miners
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The Exto Clan are described as the tougher mercenaries of the galaxy by Obb.

They were hired by uranium miners of the planet U-235 to defend them from looters. They were also targeted by Deadpool, in order to proceed a debt recovery. The mercenary killed several of them to make the others spread his name, what they actually did, making his viral marketing campaign successful.

Exto Clan (Earth-616) 002

Exto Clan's tank targeting Deadpool and Obb.

Later, Deadpool made them and the miners evacuate the planet, targeted by the Selfish Moon, to allow him to let Id blow U-235 and swallow it, and a nuclear weapon.


Transportation: Space ships and tanks
Weapons: Heavy weaponry and tanks

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