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Quote1.png Don't you see? This is just another test. That ark... a week ago we thought there would never be any more of us and now... that ark is 600 potential new mutants. So, maybe this place... this whole crazy Apocalypse World isn't the end, maybe it's an opportunity. An opportunity to start again. Quote2.png

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“APOCALYPSE WARS” continues here in “OMEGA WORLD”: Part 3!

• Trapped a thousand years in the future, the X-Men are literally mutantkind’s last hope!

• Not only has Apocalypse deemed the mutant race obselete, but he’s also claimed one of the X-Men as his newest Horseman.

• Can the X-Men survive a trip across the perilous landscape of Omega World to restore mutantkind’s future and rescue their teammate?


  • Although the previous issue states that Omega World happens in A.D. 3549, this issue states it takes place in A.D. 3167.

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