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Quote1.png Ssh. No more screams. No more pain. All is quiet. All is... silence. Quote2.png
Silence (Andi Benton)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Impaling Andi Benton on his wrist-blades, Phage mockingly tells her to hurry up and die. Unleanshing a blast of hellfire from her Hell-Mark, Andi topples to the ground, struggling to breathe with a hole punched in her chest. Ignoring Agent Anti-Venom opening fire on him with a pair of machine guns, Phage gleefully prepares to finish Andi off only to be interrupted by the arrival of a pair of Guardsmen, who command Agent Anti-Venom and Phage to surrender. Decapitating one of them, Phage sneers that all they do is talk while he wants to see some action.

At a care home, an elderly man with severe dementia lies in his bed lamenting the loss of his memories, leaving him in a near-vegetative state and unable to recall even his own name. As Senator Krane's interview is broadcast on a TV, the Lasher symbiote oozes from an air vent and bonds to him, telling the old man that he is now its home. The man's wife - who he no longer remembers - enters the room with a food tray and is pleasantly surprised to see him sitting up, saying the head nurse agreed to let her feed him; but as she prepares to feed him the Lasher symbiote senses Carnage's call and engulfs him, knocking the woman aside with its tentacles.

Gleefully slaughtering the Alchemax Guardsmen attempting to subdue him, Phage mocks Agent Anti-Venom for his inability to save Andi. Pinned down by a pair of Guardsmen and an armed drone, Agent Anti-Venom destroys the drone and scoops Andi up before making a break for Dr. Steven's lab - begging her to hold on.

As Lasher rampages through the care home, killing everyone he comes across, Carnage reaches out to the symbiote through the Hive-Mind and tells it to join him, but the Lasher symbiote bluntly refuses and tells Carnage to leave it and its new host alone. Irritated, Carnage says he's not giving it a choice and pulls its host's consciousness into the Hive-Mind. Taking the form of a red-haired woman who the man - William - recognizes as a younger Suze, Carnage offers to help William fill the gaps in his memories if he does as he says. Ignoring the Lasher symbiote's warning that Carnage is tricking him, William agrees and plunges out a window, trampling everyone who gets in his way as he chases the hallucination Carnage implanted in his mind.

In Dr. Steven's lab, Flash begs him to help save Andi, asking if there was even a trace amount of the Scream symbiote left that they could bond her to. Holding up a canister containing a symbiote, Dr. Steven grimly states that what remained of the Scream symbiote was too badly-damaged to revitalize, but that was able to splice it with Anti-Venom Serum to create a new symbiote. Delerious, Andi grabs the canister and smashes - it believing the symbiote inside to be Scream, and as the white-and-red symbiote engulfs her she is shocked to hear its unfamiliar voice in her mind. As it covers her, Andi asks who the symbiote is and it replies that it is the absence of Scream -- Silence. Taking over her and healing her wounds, the Silence symbiote ignores Flash asking Andi if she's alright by saying that it will take away her pain, introducing itself to him and Dr. Steven in the process.

Trekking across the United States, William breaks into a gas station restroom mistaking a young man for his son. The Lasher symbiote again explains that Carnage is using his desire to regain his memories to manipulate him and that William fell for the trap and let Carnage in. Finally realizing he's been tricked, William laments that he wants to die, and Lasher informs him that his body has been dead for days.

On Staten Island, Bren Waters channel-surfs as he and the Toxin symbiote complain about the lack of quality television. Coming across a news bulletin about the attack on Alchemax Tower, Bret realizes his father is in danger - the Toxin symbiote engulfing him as they rush out to save him.

At Alchemax, Phage continues to brutalize the remaining Guardsmen, mocking their attempts to stop him until he's interrupted by the arrival of Silence - who admonishes him to only speak when spoken to. Attacking her, Phage asks if she's one of Alchemax's experiments, but she scolds him for not obeying and throws him through a wall. Introducing herself and quoting Carnage telling Andi that "silence is golden," Silence presses a finger to Phage's face and he begins vomiting white froth. As the froth engulfs him, Phage attempts to flee but is thrown out a window by Silence, cratering the pavement below. As Mitch approaches Buck Cashman's broken body and noses his hand, the Phage symbiote sloughs away from him and rebonds to the dog.

At the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, Lasher watches a group of Friends of Humanity members before announcing his presence. William asks the symbiote to release him and it obliges, his body spattering on the ground below. In the Hive-Mind, Willaim - now a codex - wonders why he's still alive. Mockingly thanking him for bringing Lasher into the fold, Carnage appears and says he will keep his promise to reunite William with his family before killing him.

At Alchemax, Agent Anti-Venom approaches Silence as she stands looking out over the city and asks if Andi is OK, only for Silence to turn and stare incredulously at him.

At the Friends of Humanity rally in Washington DC, Senator Krane delivers another xenophobic rant, declaring his supporters that they may be from the silent majority but they will not be silenced any longer.

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Four issues into the Carnage event of the summer and the bodies just keep piling up – including some of the Venomaniacs the Mighty Marveldom know and love! But now is not a time to mourn for fallen heroes (or their symbiotes). CARNAGE is on the loose, and he’s building an army…

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