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Quote1.png "Won"? Have you not been paying attention? We didn't win, Bren. A lot of people died. We could've died. Carnage put Iron Man in a the hospital, and took his "Extrembiote" tech. We don't even know what that thing is capable of yet. The world saw this today, and people are more scared of us that they've ever been. People are sleeping with guns under their pillows tonight. They're gonna be glaring at each other on the street, on the bus or in the classroom, looking for any reason to yell "alien". The Friends of Humanity's numbers are about to skyrocket, if they haven't already. And the governor of New York just appointed Arthur Krane to his dad's senate seat. Peter Krane's a martyr now, and Arthur's the new poster child for the anti-alien movement. We didn't win this one at all, kid. Between Carnage being on the loose and Arthur Krane's star on the rise... I think we're all in a lot of trouble. Quote2.png
Flash Thompson

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As Agent Anti-Venom reacts with outrage to the news of his friend Hank's death, Riot picks up Hank's smartphone and sneers that Flash may as well have killed Hank himself and should've known better than to send a normal human into a fight involving symbiotes. As Riot scoffs that Carnage knew that Hank was a mole from day one, Hank stands up as a black-and-yellow symbiote engulfs him. Transforming its left arm into a blade, Sleeper cuts Riot to pieces and takes the phone, telling Flash that it's taken care of Riot. Sleeper reports that Hank is still alive that it's healing him, and that he's blissfully unaware that he's its host - Flash telling it to keep things that way for the time being. As he, Silence, and Toxin make their way towards the stadium where the Friends of Humanity rally is being held, Agent Anti-Venom tells Sleeper to contain the Riot symbiote, notify Doctor Steven of Alchemax for backup, and evacuate the civilians.

In the stadium, Senator Peter Krane takes the podium and launches into a speech about how the President's dedication was meaningless, and that his followers are the only heroes the world needs. As Krane talks, Agony's host Gemma Shin and Lasher's host lock the gates to the arena and prepare to transform. Smiling, Senator Krane says that he's proud to say that his son is a hero as well, but as he calls Arthur out to take the stage he's impaled from behind by an arm-blade. As Arthur is engulfed by the Carnage symbiote, Carnage says that this is nothing personal and he's actually a huge fan of the senator, but that he lacks imagination and thought he was the biggest, baddest predator out there. Ripping Senator Krane to pieces in front of the cameras, Carnage says that the senator was right that the monsters are coming for them, telling the "heroes" to show him what they're made of. Agony, Lasher, and Phage transform and attack the crowd, the latter going on a feeding frenzy. As the security guards and Guardsmen ineffectually open fire on him, Carnage gleefully tears into and devours them.

Slicing open the fence, Sleeper confronts Phage and tells the crowd to run, Lasher expressing concern that they might lose. Agony retorts that they've already done what they came to do, and that even if they're killed the Friends of Humanity - which Carnage is in control of - are about to run the table. Opening fire on her and Lasher, Agent Anti-Venom says she's getting ahead of herself and that they need to make it out first, Toxin adding that that's not going to happen. Silence squares off with Agony, who is enraged when she senses that Silence's symbiote was made from Scream's remains. Cocooning Agony with her hair-tendrils, Silence retorts that Agony should be worried about what she's going to do to her. As Toxin and Lasher battle, Lasher demands to know why the Toxin symbiote refused to join Carnage's hive given that it's the original Carnage symbiote's progeny. Toxin retorts that it felt the same pull Lasher and the others did but rejected it, snapping that it's not going to slaughter innocent people just because its deadbeat parent told it to.

As Agent Anti-Venom opens fire, Carnage remarks that he's been looking forward to killing him. Agent Anti-Venom demands to know why Cletus chose Arthur Krane over his father, Carnage retorting that taking over Peter Krane had been his original plan... but that when the Carnage symbiote bonded to Arthur, Cletus saw they were kindred spirits and chose him as his vessel. Carnage reveals that as a child Arthur Krane tortured and killed animals, moving on to murdering homeless people and even his classmates and girlfriends, relying on his father's connections and money to cover up his crimes. Slashing Agent Anti-Venom across the face, Carnage remarks that Arthur was already plotting to assassinate his father and steal his senatorial position - all while cultivating a kindhearted and sympathetic persona to appeal to the masses. As Carnage snarls that he and Arthur are going to get along just fine, he's blasted from behind by an energy beam as Iron Man arrives - clad in the Extrembiote armor - and says that's not going to happen if he has anything to say about it. As Iron Man blasts the Carnage symbiote off Arthur Krane, Agent Anti-Venom protests that he had everything under control; Arthur begging the symbiote not to leave him as it sloughs away. As Arthur lets out a scream of despair, Iron Man tells him that his little power grab is finished. Regaining his composure, Arthur sneers that Iron Man doesn't know what he's talking about. Abruptly, the Extrembiote reacts to Cletus' codex calling to it through the Symbiote Hive-Mind, Iron Man panicking as it reaches out to the Carnage symbiote. Speaking through the Hive-Mind, Carnage mockingly asks if Iron Man honestly thought he could just wear a symbiote like one of his suits of armor, sneering at Iron Man's belief that his intellect is infallible. The Extrembiote breaks Iron Man's arms and several of his ribs as it merges with the Carnage symbiote, who prepares to finish the defenceless Tony Stark off. Transforming his arm into an assortment of high-caliber guns, Agent Anti-Venom blasts Carnage and then rips Tony free, snapping that he's not killing anyone else. Assimilating the Extrembiote, Carnage transforms into a symbiote dragon, grabs Agony, and flies away; gloating that the whole world saw what his hive is capable of and that the next time they meet it'll be a whole new world consumed by fear. Lasher and Phage despair at being abandoned by Carnage, but are promptly subdued by an arriving squadron of Guardsmen - who disparagingly tell Sleeper and Toxin to let them handle it.

As the Guardmen subdue the Life Foundation symbiotes, Silence wonders if they're really on their side; Agent Anti-Venom confirming they were sent by Doctor Steven before saying there's just one more loose end to take care of. Surrounded by Guardsmen, Arthur Krane protests that Carnage had forcibly taken over him and was lying when it said he was a sociopathic serial killer and had been plotting to assassinate his father.

That night outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Hank apologizes for letting Flash down. Flash replies that if Hank hadn't've been there things would've been much worse, but Hank is confused - believing he was knocked out before getting a single shot off. Flash apologizes for getting Hank in over his head, but says that were it not for his intel more people would've been killed and asks if Hank is willing to team up again. Hank agrees, but notes that he's just a normal person and therefore not of much use to a symbiote-augment like Flash. Saying there's more to Hank than he realizes, Flash shakes his hand and leaves.

Later, Andi Benton aks Flash how the meeting went and Flash remarks that Hank doesn't remember almost dying or that he's bonded to the Sleeper symbiote; Andi and Bren Waters call Flash out on not telling Hank what happened. Flash protests that sending Hank in alone would've been a death sentence and that he made the right call sending in Sleeper, but agrees to tell Hank when the time is right. Changing the subject, Andi says they should've never endangered a kid like Bren and tells him to head home, but Bren protests that he and Toxin are a team and pulled their weight in the fight against Carnage's hive. Andi retorts that that's not what she's trying to say, but Bren insists that he and Toxin are involved now and asks what she and Flash will do when Carnage and his hive return. Andi replies that she and Dr. Steven were able to capture most of the Life Foundation symbiotes and separate them from their hosts, keeping them in containment and cut off from Carnage's hive for the time being; but Bren points out that sooner or later the Life Foundation symbiotes will escape, and Flash begrudgingly admits that Bren is right - noting that Agony and Carnage. Andi begrudgingly relents, Flash pointing out that Bren will be safer as part of their team than on his own, but admonishes Bren for saying they won; pointing out that Carnage got away with Iron Man's Extrembiote and managed to kill dozens of innocent people. Flash laments that in the wake of Carnage's attack people will be more paranoid and xenophobic than ever, and that the Friends of Humanity's ranks will skyrocket as a result; adding that Arthur Krane not only got away scott-free but has been appointed to his father's senatorial seat; noting that if anything they've lost and are about to suffer greatly in the future.

In his office, Senator Arthur Krane dejectedly sits in a chair and laments to Gemma Shin that he misses the Carnage symbiote, begging to know if it's going to return to him. Gemma admits that she doesn't know what Carnage has planned, but that he sees Arthur as a useful asset. Transforming into Agony, she asks if he is willing to prove himself by swearing fealty to Carnage's hive, and Arthur kneels before her and says he'll do anything Carnage wants.

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