Eye-Scream was a mutant who felt ridiculous due to the X-Men's fantastic abilities. He heard of their Danger Room through the mutant community, and intended to destroy them.

He tried to infiltrate the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters on the same day as the birthday party Professor X was organizing for Kitty Pryde (having hired Obnoxio the Clown).

Eye-Scream was detected by Xavier on Cerebro, but the signal seemingly over-loaded the device, which exploded, knocking the professor unconscious and causing most of their alarms to activate on Obnoxio who was at the door. This confusion allowed Eye-Scream to enter the Mansion and the Danger Room unseen, by turning into ice-cream.

From there, he witnessed Obnoxio and the X-Men fighting in the Danger Room and was impressed by the clown's ability to repel the entire team on his own. Consequently, Eye-Scream decided to kill Obnoxio as well, using the Danger Room tools to take him into another chamber.

Xavier regained consciousness from the Cerebro overload and managed to lower the temperature of the Danger Room control booth where Eye-Scream was hiding. As a frozen block of ice cream, Obnoxio decorated Eye-Scream as a sundae and took his leave without working Kitty's birthday.[1]


Mutant ability to transform himself into any flavor of ice cream, including banana-split.[1]


An Unstable Molecule chest refrigeration unit.[1]

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