The Eye-Killers are pair of brother and sister demons who could shapeshift into human form. They killed the boyfriend of one of Wong's friends. Once empowered by the Darkhold, they took the form of large birds. They were able to suck the life essence from Clea, but Dr. Strange defeated them by sending them to another dimension.[1]

Later, they attacked Storm and Naze while they were camping in the Rocky Mountains. They claimed they used to terrorize native Americans before the white men came. The were now working for the Adversary who had promised them he could bring those days back again. During the course of battle, Storm notice they had a weakness to fire and was able to exploit that to destroy them both.[2]


  • Superhuman Strength: The female was shown lifting a human off the ground with one hand. The male was strong enough to throw a boulder.
  • Optic Blasts: Both could shoot energy blasts from their eyes. The male shot black lighting which destroyed a boulder, while the female shot fire.
  • Shape Shifters: During the battle their true forms were revealed. Large owls or hawks.



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