The Eye of Basphorus was a mystic artifact of legend. It was hidden beneath prehistoric caverns in Grynda, where the Gryndans buried anything that didn't fit their science. In an attempt to retrieve the Eye of Basphorus, without being aware of its nature, Kanna was captured by the Gryndans. When she was placed in custody, her cellmate, Doctor Strange revealed her the nature of the artifact.

When Kanna and Doctor Strange escaped, Kanna retrieved the Eye of Basphorus. Before leaving the planet, Strange jumped off Kanna's ship to activate the Eye of Basphorus and use its power to permanently seal Grynda to prevent them from ever leaving their planet, since the Gryndans had recently reconsidered interstellar travel after determining that humans were full of potential for experimentation. After Strange made use of the Eye of Basphorus, the artifact was burned out and turned into dust.[1]


The incantation necessary to unlock the Eye of Basphorus requires to be full of emotion and urgency, in other words, it requires adrenaline. Once activated, the Eye can grant its user one spell of choice, regardless of its power. The artifact can only be used once, and it turns into dust afterwards.[1]

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