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The Eye of Zartra is a gem created by an ancient sorcery that is almost forgotten in the modern age.[1] Its origin has never been revealed but it was apparently named after its first known possessor, Queen Zartra of Atlantis, who lived and died 20,000 years ago.[2] How Zartra acquired the gem has not been revealed but it is known that she kept it within her empty left eye socket, hidden behind her eyepatch.[3]

During the Great Cataclysm that was soon to sink Atlantis, Queen Zartra was fatally wounded when an assassin stabbed her in the back. After her husband, Kamuu, quickly disposed of the assassin, the dying Zartra asked him to bring his sword to her so that she could give him a final gift. Zartra then plucked the glistening jewel from behind her eyepatch and placed it on the hilt of the sword, saying, "The Eye of Zartra...evermore one with Kamuu..." before dying. As the destruction of Atlantis began, Kamuu placed his sword in its sheath on the side of his throne, chained himself to the throne and waited for the end which soon came.[3]

The Eye of Zartra remained part of the Sword of Kamuu for about twenty thousand years. The sword was eventually acquired by a minor sorcerer named Alaric who attempted to become immortal by using it to murder the then-current Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. However, Alaric was thwarted when he unknowingly triggered the curse of Zartra by using the sword to draw the blood of Prince Namor of Atlantis.[1]

Afterwards, when Doctor Strange insisted that Namor take the Sword of Kamuu back to Atlantis even though it could be used against him, Namor plucked the Eye of Zartra from the sword's hilt and gave it to Strange as a token of friendship. With the gem removed, the sword's enchantment was halved.[4]


  • When first seen, the Eye of Zartra was small, round and green but when removed from the Sword of Kamuu by Namor it was larger, oval and red.
  • The Eye of Zartra is presumably connected to the Curse of Zartra that struck anyone who used the Sword of Kamuu to draw blood from any member of the royal Atlantean blood-line.
  • The presence of the Eye of Zartra enhanced the mystical power of the Sword of Kamuu. The gem is believed to have given the sword's wielders their immunity to magic.[5]

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